What a week

First of all I have to apologize to all of my followers for keeping you out of the loop this week. My week has been totally chaotic and I’m trying to find my new normal. I’m hoping to be a better blogger next week but you never know what curve ball will be thrown your way!

I’m going to preface this entire post by saying that I’m really happy with my new job. I believe I made the right move for me at the this time and it’s a great new challenge! It is really nice to be able to use my brain in a different way than it’s been used in about 14 months.

That being said, Princess Peach is a total disaster! The last four days she has been a crying, whiny, miserable baby. I honestly thought (as did many others) that she was the “perfect” daycare candidate. She’s very social, extremely happy and loves other people especially other children. I can’t say yet if I’m wrong but she’s definitely having a harder time adjusting that I would have anticipated. I have probably doubted our decision of sending her to daycare, oh maybe 1,000,000 times.

I think the worst part is that i feel like a terrible mom. We don’t really get much time together. Our time now is rushing in the morning to get her fed, dressed and out the door and passed off to the daycare teacher without a huge meltdown (2 out of 4 drop-offs). Then at the end of the day she is so exhausted and miserable that we get about 20 minutes to playtime which isn’t the playtime we are accustomed too. Then it’s dinner, bath, bottle and bed. It’s really upsetting. I’m sure over time as she adjusts it will get better but it is very hard going from spending every waking second 24/7 with my little sidekick to only spending 20 QUALITY minutes with her a day.

My fingers are crossed that she is just having a harder transition than I expected and that in a few weeks she will be happy and laughing when I drop and pick her up and her eating and sleeping will be back to normal.

Because I feel so horrible about not spending quality and special time together this weekend is packed with lots of fun stuff that the three of us will do together! I can’t wait! I will share our pictures of our weekend next week.

Hopefully Sunday night we will all get a good nights sleep and my fingers are crossed that when Monday morning at 7:30ish arrives Princess Peach starts her day with a smile on her face 🙂

Did your kids have a hard time transitioning to daycare? Any tips/tricks?



  1. I’m still on mat leave, but am really dreading the whole going back to work/sending baby in daycare.

    I’m happy your new job is going well – and I hope you get more quality time with Princess Peach now that the weekend has arrived. Hope next week goes better 🙂

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