Today you are 4

Dear Little Dude,

It is mind-boggling that you are turning 4 today (I’m 2 days late! It was on Monday July 17)! I remember being pregnant with you like it was yesterday and here we are with you turning four and starting JK in September!


Before I wrote this letter, I went back and read the last few letters that I wrote to you. You have grown so much, yet so much of you has stayed the same.

Your high-pitched voice is the cutest thing. We always know where you are because we can find you based on following your voice. Most people who know you can decipher what you are saying although sometimes it can be challenging for people who don’t know you. You have a way of saying words differently and often adding some extra sounds or syllables. For example, one of your teacher names was Kathleen and you would call her “Kaf-a-leen and no matter how many times we tried to correct you, you always said it the same way!  You know all of your lower case and upper case letters and you know most of your numbers. You have shown a keen interest in math and love doing basic addition questions with me, your dad and your sister.  Your vocabulary continues to be impressive and often you say words that I’m shocked that you know especially for you age. You continue to show a limited interest in writing and drawing. No matter how many times I try to help you to hold a pencil correctly, you refuse and want to do it your own way.

You continue to have a wonderful sense of humor. You always make us laugh with the silly things you say and you have a laugh that is totally contagious. You like to make up nicknames for people and think it’s hilarious. One of the guys at camp you have nicknamed Dandelion. When I asked you why you confidently said it’s because he usually wears a yellow shirt. To you it made total sense why you would call him such a name.


You love to play chase and tag yet hate and refuse to the play the Octopus. You think it’s silly to hide under your blanket on your bed in the mornings to hide from us but we always know where you are. That and when you hear us coming close you start to giggle! You LOVE being goalie. When you, me and your sister play soccer together you always insist on being the goalie. I’m not sure if you are just really enjoy being goalie or are just lazy. Either way, I’m happy you are playing a sport! You continued to take skating lessons this year and greatly improved. You are moving more on the ice and gaining more confidence. You are quite cautious while skating because you don’t want to fall and since you’ve started lessons you’ve probably fallen 2 or 3 times. In September, you will be starting learn-to-play hockey. You are so excited to do so and often talk about it!


You continue to love eating a burger cut up into small pieces and dipped in ketchup. When asked what your favourite restaurant is you scream Harveys! You love Green Smoothies from Wychwood barns, fig bars, apple sauce, and berries! You also love cinnamon raison bagels, grilled cheese which you call “girl cheese”, letter Kraft dinner and cheese and crackers. Since trading in your bottles you have stopped drinking milk and your sister thinks its funny that you love yogurt drinks and refuse to eat yogurt! You are a picky eater and don’t like to try new foods, but love the foods that you will eat and often will eat lots of it!

You have become obsessed with The Avengers and Superheroes. I’m not sure where you first found out about them but you love all of it. You often act out all the time that you are a superhero with reppelers, lazers, etc. You like to read about the superheros and learn all about them, their story, their weapons and their vehicles. Sometimes you get a little rough and like to wrestle but it’s all in good fun! You love to watch Netflix. Your favourite shoes are Ninjago, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol and Transformers: Rescue Bots. You continue to be a hoarder and grab different toys and make up games with them.


You continue to have the sweetest heart and are a very easy kid. You understand that “no” means no and we don’t have to ask you twice to do anything except with your sister. If she pisses you off you tend to punch her. And when we talk to you after about using your words instead of your hands your reasoning of why you did what you did usually makes sense. You continue to dislike getting dirty, getting your face wet and dislike animals even dogs that you see on a regular basis.


You and your sister continue to have a very special relationship. You two play so nicely with each other. You like to make up games, play games, have dance parties or sit and read together. Whatever you two tend to do together is usually sweet. You two also look out for each other. When going places separately, you always make that you come home with something for your sister if you come home with something. You two have been at different schools for the past two years, and as excited as your dad and I are that you will be together in one place, the two of you are even more excited! Princess Peach can’t wait to show you the ropes of being in JK and I know you can’t wait to be down the hall from her!

You have a great group of friends, especially your girl friend. Watching the two of you together has been incredible and I know that you both are so excited to be together in JK. You have a calm way about you that other kids tend to like. You also are totally ok to go off and do your own thing by yourself which is awesome. You also love your teachers and counsellors and always give them big huge hugs and kisses before you leave for the day. When daddy or I dropped you off at daycare, you would give us a hug, a kiss and a nose kiss. The running hugs that we got at the end of the day were the best. Today you told me that you are sad that you aren’t going to daycare anymore. I’m sad too, but I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you! When I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you say you want to be a teacher even though the jewish-mother-in-me wants you to be a doctor or a dentist.


When I started writing these letters to you and your sister, they weren’t much  more than a quick glimpse at the growth you had made from one birthday to the next. How could I know that 6 months after your first birthday I would be diagnosed with cancer and that these letters I write yearly on your birthdays, are love letters if you will from me to you. That g-d forbid should anything happen to me, you have the words in writing about what a year you had!


Little Dude, your dad and I couldn’t be more proud of the person you are becoming. You are kind, considerate, loving, accepting and smart. We can’t wait to keep encouraging you to be the best person you can be. In your first four years you have made the world a better place and we know that this is just the beginning!

I love you more than the whole wide world and back again,





  1. Lisa Hicks says:

    This made me cry. I do this for my little guy (just turned 1) but in the form of email. Sometimes they’re as much for me as they are for him as I have the worst memory. I think it’s so special that you do the same 🙂

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thanks Lisa. I agree that it’s as much for me and it is for my kids. I love looking back and seeing all of the amazing things they have done in one year. It’s a pretty special tradition. Do you plan on sending your son other emails throughout the year or just on his birthdays?

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