Winter Whites Giveaway from Church & Dwight

Church Dwight Winter Whites giveaway

Winter is here, Canada! In Toronto this week, we got that reminder loud and clear when overnight we got a huge dumping of snow. Thankfully, I was well prepared with boots, coats, snowpants, mitts and the like for my entire family! After last winters ice storm, I’m hoping that Old Man Winter will be more […]

Pack Gravol for summer roadtrips!

Gravol summer road trip essential

I love summertime because we are out and about most of the summer. We split out time between spending time in the city and time in cottage country enjoying everything that Canadian summers have to offer! Pre-children road trips were much different from our post-children road trips! When we were young and free (haha) we […]

Winter Warrior Giveaway

This winter seems to be never-ending. Just when I think we are about to turn the corner and end the cold and snow, it’s back and with a vengeance! Same with illnesses this winter. Luckily, I only got hit mildly with a cold once and warded off another one by eating an entire head of […]