Pack Gravol for summer roadtrips!

I love summertime because we are out and about most of the summer. We split out time between spending time in the city and time in cottage country enjoying everything that Canadian summers have to offer! Pre-children road trips were much different from our post-children road trips! When we were young and free (haha) we would quickly pack a bag and we were ready to go! Now, it takes lots of time and thought to pack. I’m methodical about packing coordinating outfits for each kid, I make sure I have indoor and outdoor toys for both and I always now travel with a medical kit. Anything can happen with kids and happen quickly so I need to make sure I’m ready!


I grew up going on long road trips with my family and I’m lucky that I don’t suffer with motion sickness. It is something that worries me when travelling with young kids that I never know when/if someone might happen. is a great resource for the entire family when traveling to make sure that your journey goes smoothly. Gravol makes a variety of products for both children and adults such as chewables, liquid and suppositories to help treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness due to motion sickness.

Gravol summer road trip essential


Gravol’s Quick Dissolve Chewables are a must for your traveling medical kit. They are great because they dissolve quickly and can be taken with or without water. So great when needed to take in a hurry! As always be sure to follow the dosage information on the package.

So whether you are going on a road trip with or without kids, don’t forget Gravol! You’ll want to enjoy every moment of a vacation and Gravol helps you do just that!

Disclosure: I am a Church & Dwight Ambassador. I have received compensation for this post but as always opinions are my own!

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