The sweet spot of parenting

I got the kids dressed and ready to leave. We had to be at the park to meet friends in 10 minutes. As I hurried them out the door, I grabbed my coat and my purse, locked the door and left. We got where we needed to go in time, but it didn’t hit me until one of my kids asked for water that I didn’t have any. Since our extended summer into the fall last year, I had ditched the diaper bag. With no more babies, there really wasn’t a need for me to carry a diaper bag per se anymore. I have no one wearing diapers and besides bringing water bottles and snacks, I could now once again just sport a purse.

Once upon a time leaving the house was way more complicated than it is now. I would have to run the following list through my head every time I left:

Diapers? Check

Wipes? Check

Sippy Cup/Bottles? Check 

Extra Clothes? Check

Snacks? Check

Toys? Check

Miscellaneous items? Check

Wallet? Check

Keys? Check 

My So-Called Mommy Life

I have entered into the next phase of parenting. Almost a rite of passage if you will. Bidding a stage of life adieu and entering into another. Leaving all of those decisions, items, trials, and tribulations of babies are in the past. If I talk about my failure at sleep-training or making baby food it’s to share experiences that I once had while reminiscing about those times fondly. 

Sure, there are times that I get sad thinking that our family is done and that it will only be the four of us, but then there are other times when I see how independent my kids have become that I enjoy the sweet spot of parenting we are in. This sweet spot has been so nice. I’m loving having a 6-year-old and 4-year-old. 

My So-Called Mommy Life

They are old enough to get a band-aid when they hurt themselves but still want me to kiss their boo-boos.

They are old enough to put themselves to bed but still love when I read to them and tuck them in. 

They are old enough to talk to, to hear their interesting thoughts and how they are interpreting the world, yet they still have a whole world ahead of them to discover. 

They are old enough that they tell me what they want to eat, yet they are young enough that they still need me to cut their food, grab something from the fridge or pantry that is too high for them. 

They are old enough to dress/ undress yet they still want and need my help to put on socks, flips sweatshirt arms inside-out, and let me have somewhat of a say in what they wear. 

They are old enough to wipe their faces but still like when I do it. 

They are old enough to bathe themselves,  yet still, want my help sometimes and want me to be in the bathroom to keep them company. 

They are old enough to play by themselves but want me to be involved in what they are doing, and still play with them. 

They are old enough to think that I’m not “cool” but in their eyes, at this age, I’m still “cool” enough that they want to hang out with me.

I know there will be a time when they will slam doors in my face, not want to talk to me when they will decide I’m not “cool” enough or don’t understand but this time has been amazing. I’m loving this sweet spot of parenting that I’m in. 


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