No mess art? No way!

I love the idea of an art project that is mess free! It fills three requirements of no mess, easy and fun!!!

All you need is a large Ziploc bag (think freezer size), two different colours of paint, some  construction/craft paper, tape and newspaper or paper towel to let your air dry on. To make it more fun for an event or seasonal craft you can cut the paper into different shapes like a tree for fall, or a flower for summer.

Princess Peach had the best time doing this craft!!! She could see what was happening and best of all didn’t get dirty 🙂 It was an awesome time filler also. Between nap time and playgroup we had some time to spare so this is what we did!!

Materials Needed: Large Ziploc bag, construction paper, at least two colours of paint, tape and something like newspaper to put the paper on afterwards










Make sure paper will fit inside of Ziploc bag with some room around it. If needed, cut paper to fit










Lay paper flat on surface. Choose two colours of paint and put small gobs of each colour all around the paper










Put baby/child in high chair/chair. Let them press around on the bag. Some assistance may be needed









Once finished open up the top of bag and tape to wall/fridge or other upright surface to dry. When partway dry remove from bag and lay on newspaper or paper towel.













We repeated this with two other colour combinations














  1. iCircular says:

    What a great idea! That looks like a lot of fun even if you aren’t still in a high chair, ha.

  2. mscmommylife says:

    Thanks! I agree, a high chair is not required for this craft! I think I had more fun than Princess Peach

  3. Sarah says:

    This is such an awesome idea! Totally trying it with my DD. Thanks!

  4. michelle tremblett says:

    That is such a great idea !!! I’ve never seen anyone do it but its so logical, I love no mess activities 🙂 Thank for the idea !

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