Mommy Confessions

Haven’t done this in a while. So here are some current mommy confessions:

  1. I had a very hard time deciding what clothing to label for Princess Peach to wear to daycare. Yes, she is only one but she has quite a nice wardrobe and I’m worried the clothes will get ruined/lost if I send her to daycare in them. But becasue she always has to look cute finding cheapo clothes that are cute that I don’t care about is tough! That being said labeling her daycare clothing took a LONG time.
  2. I’ve been buying Starbucks again. My new job has one right across the street. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on those days when Princess Peach decides NOT to sleep the night before.
  3. Talking about sleep. I’d like some! Princess Peach has been shacking up in our bed again. Part of me thinks that we should just buy an Ikea crib and siderail it our bed. It would probably make our lives easier and our nights more comfortable.
  4. I’m lacking total inspriation in the cooking department. I’m trying to find some delicious slow cooker/crockpot recipes but many just seem to focus around pork, which I don’t eat. When we come home after work/daycare there is no time to cook. So my slow cooker is my new bestie.
  5. I have to stay at school Tuesday night for a parents open house which means that I will not see Princess Peach. I’m dreading not seeing her. Makes me really sad to think about it.
  6. Sometimes Princess Peach will point to the goldfish crackers or veggie sticks at breakfast. This week I felt so guilty she ate some for breakfast. I’m sure it won’t scar her for life. It’s just not healthy.
  7. I’ve stopped taking daily picture of Princess Peach. I took at least 1 (well maybe 20) a day, EVERY DAY for her first year. Since she’s turned 1 we have taken lots of pictures just not daily ones.
  8. I’m not really missing cable. I’m missing TLC. I miss the Duggars, and Say Yes To The Dress. If anyone knows how to stream complete episodes in Canada please let me know! I need to know what is going on with Jim Bob, Michelle and their crew….oh ya and The Bates Family!!!
  9. Since starting daycare Princess Peach hates getting into the car. My friend suggested giving her child-friendly contraband like Froot Loops. I settled for Organic Fruit and Veggie Leathers. She doesn’t know they are ok for her but they distract her long enough for me to buckle her in.
  10. I love being back at work. I sometimes feel guilty that I like it so much but I’m really enjoying using my brain and challenging myself in ways I haven’t been for a while. I do however wish that there were 36 hours in a day so i could have a better balance of Princess Peach/work time.

What are you parenting confessions of the week?



  1. Renee, I completely understand and relate to most of these. Using my brain for something other than trying to figure out what might have gone into my baby’s mouth would be nice. I’d love to have a Starbucks nearby, and my generally high drive for the kitchen is low these days. On the brighter side of things, I’m really enjoying spending time with my baby as she gets more curious and mobile. Found your blog from Monkeys & Tutus today. Have a cheery Wednesday!

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