Fisher Price App-mazing!

Ever since I bought my Iphone I don’t think I have been without it for longer than a few minutes. You can find it beside me when I sleep, in my pocket, sometimes tucked under my bra strap if I don’t have a pocket, in the console of my stroller and usually its found in my hands. I guess a side effect of always holding my Iphone is that Princess Peach believes that it’s hers! Recently she has started to whine when she sees because she wants to play with it. At almost 11 months she understands that touching the screens causes something to happen.

For the last few months she has become  very squirmey when you change her diaper. I needed to find a way to keep her to  change her diaper. Enter Fisher Price’s Apps! O.M.G. They are a life saver. The Hubster and my mom have both downloaded some of them one their phones to keep Princess Peach still and somewhat quiet when needed!

I love these apps because not only are they entertaining for Princess Peach but they are educational as well. Each app focuses on a skill in a fun and interactive way.

I have only downloaded the free apps but Fisher Price does have a few that are $0.99.

Giggle Gang- There are two levels. The first level the giggle gang float around on the screen one at a time and say their name and laugh when you touch them. Level two has a piano that your baby can touch and “play” and then each little character will sing a song when touched. You can also record your own special “giggle” for each character


Laugh and Learn Learning Letter Monkey- There are four fun options with this app; abc’s, numbers, shapes and music. This app includes lots of bright fun pictures, and loads and singing! It will keep your baby engaged and learning lots of new things for a long, long, time!

Where’s Puppy’s Nose? Such a cute app! This app has two levels. The first level has Puppy with his frog side kick dancing to music. Touch the body parts on Puppy and the app labels that part and then frog does something cute beside Puppy! Level 2 gives your baby the option of using Puppy or Kitty. The app asks your baby to find the body part on the animal of their choice. So cute and a great way for baby to learn to receptively and expressively identify body parts!


Animal Sounds- A great way to introduce animals to your baby! Touch the screen and the next animal appears and make their “sound”. After a handful of animals scroll across your screen a very catchy song comes on that shows some of the animals in action!

Let’s Count Animals! This app teaches your baby number and counting with cute animals! If you shake your Iphone the animals giggle. Swipe your finger across the screen to move on to the next number. Super fun and easy for baby. After number 6 and 10, cute little songs with animations come on!

What are you waiting for? Go and download these awesome apps for your baby!

Do you have a favourite app for your baby? I’d love to know 🙂






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