Connecting With Your Child on a Different Level; How board games are a game changer


I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Helaina Cappel who will be guest blogging today! In our house, we are starting to enjoy playing basic board games with Princess Peach. I look forward to when she’s older and we can’t start to play more complex games. Read and enjoy today’s guest post!

We have busy lives. We wake up in the morning, make a beeline for the coffee, get our kids dressed, fed, and off to school. Then we begin our days working to make sure that we can house, feed, and cloth said kids. At the end of the day, we supervise homework completion, get dinner on the table, maybe watch a bit of TV during down time, and then finally put the kids to bed. All the while, not even realizing that there have been minimal meaningful connections made between us, and our children, all day long.

 Instead of turning on the TV, take the time to play a board game with your family. Board games are beneficial for family time AND learning. Games can overtly offer up mathematical, historical, geographical, and linguistic learning. Games also offer children experiences with social interactions, communication, executive functioning, hand-eye coordination, and analysis; these cannot be explicitly taught. What is most exciting about taking the time to play board games with your children is the fact that you actually get to interact with them on different level than you do in your day-to-day; not as a parent, but as an equal.

Kids Table creates games that challenge the adult and the child at the same time.  To this end, we have created Foodfighters — a battle game with all the right ingredients. Foodfighters is an engaging game that allows kids to discover tactics, strategy, economy, and risk. It is a light 2-player family-style battle game for kids and adults.


Presently, Kids Table is crowd-funding Foodfighters on Kickstarter. Once the funding goal is reached, we will begin unlocking many free items that will accompany your game (only for Kickstarter backers).

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Helaina Cappel is the owner of Kids Table Board Gaming, a game publishing company. She is the mother of two incredible gamers in training, and the wife of an established board game designer and artist. Helaina is also a middle school Math, Science, and Design & Tech teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in education with a concentration in Math Ed. and the Gamifcation of the Classroom. Throughout the school year she runs an in-school and after school program, in which children play a variety of classic and modern table top games, learning about their mechanics and theme. The culmination of this program has children designing their own games. Helaina’s ultimate goal is to seamlessly link learning to gaming. She also hopes to continue the success Kids Table is having with their first game, Foodfighters, to publish games that both adults and children LOVE playing together.

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