5 uses for Ultra Dawn dish soap besides dishes #pgmom


You can find my big container of Ultra Dawn beside my sink beside my cleaning cloth and the paper towel. I use it to clean dishes, pots, pans, and the kitchen.Did you know that Ultra Dawn, the blue Dawn dish soap, has so many wonderful uses besides helping to clean dishes? It’s crazy actually how many wonderful things you can do with this soap! There are way more than 5 uses for this soap but these are all tried and tested by yours truly 🙂 

Unclog a toilet

I have done this tip many, many times. I can’t remember who told me about it or if I looked it up online but it’s amazing and it works! If you have a toilet that it clogged take 1 cup of Ultra Dawn blue dish soap and pour it into the toilet. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then pour in a bucket of boiling water. Let it sit for a few minutes and then flush the toilet.

ultra dawn blue dish soap hack

Ice pack

Fill a strong resealable sandwich bag full of Ultra Dawn blue dish soap I usually double bag it just in case! Once frozen these will stay frozen longer than ice or ice packs. They are great because you can mold it to fit around any boo-boo and they are reusable. With young kids at home, you can never have enough of these in your freezer!


My kids can go through so many containers of “bubble juice” as we call it in our house, in the summertime. Making your own bubbles is easy and extremely economical. In a bowl mix together 4 cups of warm water, and 1/2 cup of sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved add  1/2 cup of Dawn Ultra and combine. Give your kids some wands and the bubble solution and they are good to go!

Oil stains on clothing

There is nothing worse than making an amazing meal to look down at your shirt later on and realize that it is stained with some cooking oil. I have done this way too many times. Before laundering, pre-treat the stain(s) with Blue Dawn soap. Using a toothbrush or small brush rub the soap into the stain and then launder as usual. Remember, if it’s tough enough to get oil out of ducks, it works like a charm on your favourite clothing items!

Fruit fly trap

An easy all natural way to get rid of fruit flies in the warmer months is to put about 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass or cup. Add a few drops of Blue Dawn dish soap and cover with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in the plastic wrap and place near the fruit fly problem.

I would love to know what do you use Ultra Dawn blue dish soap for besides the dishes?


  1. Becky says:

    We keep an extra bottle of Dawn in the laundry room, and the garage. Always comes in handy. Love Dawn.

  2. Juliee Fitze says:

    Some new tips to add to my Dawn list.

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