Arnica’s got your back this Spring! #ChurchDwightAmbassador

 Spring is here and summer is around the corner which means that your family is getting back outside.

One thing to keep in mind is that while your brain might remember how amazing it felt to be outside and jumping for joy – your muscle memory may not be quite as flexible; unlike your kids. 

With no inhibitions, children are eagerly out the door and a few tumbles and falls may result in more bumps and bruises than they’d bargained for. You on the other hand, whether you are cautious or brave, may feel more stiffness and soreness than anticipated after the long, cold winter months. Running, bending, lifting and carrying two kids and gears makes a body sore too!  Luckily, you can help to treat inflammation and muscle soreness on all family members by applying RUB A535 Natural Source Arnica Gel-Cream or Spray.  It’s great for children’s (two years and older) bumps and bruises and for adult muscle soreness and inflammation. Arnica Gel-Cream and Spray are made with 100% naturally sourced Arnica montana. The fast penetrating formula starts to work on contact, giving all family members soothing pain relief – right when it’s needed! Arnica is non-greasy and comes in a portable tube or spray bottle, perfect for when you’re out and about!

Arnica Rub A535Looking for fun ways to get back outside? Here are some great ideas for kids and adults, too! You can hit the ground running – no need to hold back, RUB A535 Arnica has got your back, literally.

  • Visit your local playground: Climb the jungle gym and dig in the sand box for treasures
  • Join a league: Want to get really active and work on your camaraderie? You and your kids can join sports leagues, encouraging everyone to get out, be active and have some laughs with friends along the way
  • Go camping: You might not always be able to steal away to go camping in the woods, but you can always put up a tent a little closer to home in your own backyard or local park
  • Get gardening: It’s May and you know what that means = it’s time to seed the lawn and plant your flower beds because it’s gardening season!
  • Escape to the cottage: If you live in a city, the idea of escaping as it warms up is extremely appealing. To some this may mean opening up the cottage, which involves cleaning up (both inside and out) and outdoor adventure, including hiking, canoeing and swimming

What are you looking forward to doing outside this Spring?

 Disclosure: I am a Church & Dwight Ambassador. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Church & Dwight.


  1. Victoria Ess says:

    I have been a long-time user of Arnica oil and was so happy to discover these products. They work really well for aches and pains.

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