Youme and ……?

When I was pregnant with Princess Peach, The Hubster and I referred to her in utero as “Youme”. Simple Right? You + Me = Youme! We referred to her all the time in utero was Youme. So much so that my nieces thought that we would ACTUALLY name her Youme! Maybe we joked about it a few times but it wasn’t on our names list.

Now being preggo with #2 what do we call this one? Tonight my mom referred to it as “The Fetus” when Auntie Beige called when we were over for dinner. Never referred to it as “The Fetus” ha. Made me laugh……

I know some people call theirs “bean”, or “blueberry”, or whatever kind of food it is during one week that ends up sticking.

Last week at work when I received my weekly email about the development of the baby and what size it is, which fruit it’s the size of and what is happening developmentally I was at work. I shared it with the staff in my classroom and now it has the nickname of “The Fuzzy Lemon” as it was the size of a lemon last week and it started growing the fine hair called lanugo. This week the baby is the size of an apple.

So…..what nickname should this baby have in utero? Did you give your baby a nickname in utero?


  1. Alicia says:

    My husband wanted to call it ‘Zy’ for zygote but, being the biology nerd that I am, I had to correct him that by the time you know you’re pregnant it’s not a zygote…we ended up calling it ‘Feety’ for fetus. Now with #2 he has started calling it Feety again, which is wierd because it’s a girl and I feel like that name only works for a boy.

  2. natk83grad says:

    meyou? 🙂

  3. Bunny says:

    How about Meyoutwo?

  4. My Mom called my daughter “Peanut” and it sort of stuck. Until she was born, anyways!

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