Visit these 4 places for indoor fun in the GTA

It’s crazy that Christmas vacation is almost done! At the beginning of the break I wasn’t sure how we were going to fill 2 weeks and considered putting the kids into winter camp just to keep them busy (and me and my husband sane!). In the end my husband and I decided to keep them at home and I’m glad we did! These two weeks have flown by and we have had so much fun! From play dates with friends and family, to a staycation at a local hotel with the kids, to a quick  jaunt to Buffalo to watch a World Juniors Hockey Game there hasn’t been a dull moment! As the weather has been less than ideal, hello -25 Celsius, we have had to find lots of things indoors to keep the kids entertained. I have shared some of the places on Instagram but thought I would share some of the places we have been to over the last two weeks in a formal blog post. 

Bunch of Fun

Located near Allen Road and Sheppard, we have frequented Bunch of Fun since they opened. Compared to other indoor playgrounds this one is smaller, but still offers a wonderful place to play and keep busy! In addition to their main play area, they have a toddler area, a paint-your-own pottery area, comfy couches, a café (with great food options and fabulous lattes) and large eating area. Bunch of Fun is well run, super clean (which is VERY important to me!) and they offer one free visit after six paid child admissions. Bunch of Fun is kosher as is their café and they are closed on Shabbat and most Jewish Holidays. Admission is a few dollars less than other indoor playgrounds as well. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information. 

Bunch of Fun

Photo Credit from Bunch of Fun Facebook page

Bunch of Fun Toronto

Tiny Town Vaughan

I hadn’t heard about Tiny Town Vaughan (located on Highway 7 near Highway 27) until Laura from the GG Sister’s posted about a holiday party that her and friends were having there. The placed looked super cute so we took the kids and it sure didn’t disappoint. It’s a tiny town with lots of great pretend play options for the kids. Pretend you are a pilot on a plane, a teacher in a classroom, a vet, running your own Pizzeria, working at a grocery store, or a hairdresser to name just a few! The imagination options are truly endless. Princess Peach loved styling the doll heads in the hair salon and Little Dude enjoyed being a Pilot on the plane. There are tables with chairs for parents to sit and watch their kids, or   they can join in on the fun too with their kids! There is a small café to get treats or coffee. I was impressed that staff were continually cleaning up, and putting toys back in their spot. It’s a very clean place which I really appreciate! Check out their website and Facebook page for more information

Tiny Town Vaughan

Tiny Town Vaughan

Happy Kingdom Playground

What if I told you, that a grocery store has an indoor playground, would you believe me? Now, what if I told you that you can drop your kids off to play (if they are tall enough) and you could grocery shop while they run around. Sounds way too good right? Nations Fresh foods located in the Stockyards (St. Clair and Keele) has Happy Kingdom Playground inside of it. We checked it out and I was SO impressed. It had so many features that we haven’t seen before at other indoor playgrounds. A slide where you go down on an inner tube, a massive ball pit that has a feature that the kids can feed balls into that then dumps the balls onto the kids underneath, ball shooters on multiple floors and a mesh climbing structure. My kids played for 3.5 hours and we had to pull them out of here to go home. When I paid for the kids admission, I was impressed that they wrote down the adults cell number on the kids bracelet when they enter the playground. Should the adult choose to go shopping (in Nations only), staff can easily contact the adult should they need to. In addition to the large play area, there is also a toddler soft play area, a coat/boot room, a small eating area and washrooms in the playground area. If you go near meal time/snack time you don’t have to worry because you can leave to get food to eat and come back in to play afterwards! I don’t know if it was just so busy when we went or the acoustics because it’s in a larger grocery store, but it was LOUD.  Unfortunately they don’t seem to have their own website or Facebook page and the number listed on Google had a pre-set voicemail message so I’m not sure if it’s actually the right number. 

Happy Kingdom Indoor Playground Nations Experience

 Happy Kingdom Indoor Playground Nations Experience Toronto

Jungle Land

Located in Vaughan right by Vaughan Mills, Jungle Land is a great indoor playground for kids of all ages! It’s the perfect indoor playground to satisfy kids of all ages as there is something for everyone to do and keep busy! The space itself is huge and the four-level playground offers so much for kids to do! There is also a padded area with balls and a net for kids to play soccer or just run around. The structure itself is large and includes a massive slide, a trampoline, a zip line,  a ball pit, ramps, and spin plates. There is also a toddler area, foam blocks, a small café and couches, tables and chairs for adults to sit and watch their kids play. The playground is very clean and kept the kids busy for a long time! Check out their website for more information.

Jungle Land Vaughan

Jungle Land Vaughan

As with all indoor playgrounds, socks are a must or else you can’t play. To keep the costs down it’s always advisable to bring along snacks, drinks or even a light meal that doesn’t need heating/refrigerating. Three out of the four play places cost over $15 per child. Yes, it is expensive, but if you plan on spending a few hours you really do get your moneys worth! 

I hope you enjoy these play places as much as my kids have! If you have gone or go because of our recommendation, please let me know what your experience was/is. 

Happy Playing! 

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