Unsolicited advice

I don’t stop people on the street to tell them what they should or should not be doing and neither should people tell me what I should or should not be doing.

Two weeks ago my sister Auntie Beige (SEE you made an appearance) offered to take Princess Peach to swim lessons as The Hubster was away at a stag. Princess Peach and I decided to go hang out at the Starbucks under Auntie Beige’s condo building while waiting for her. It was an amazingly warm morning and I was excited to get a seat outside. When we arrived at Starbucks there were many empty seats outside and when you are alone with a baby its hard to reserve your seat. So instead I looked creepy while inside glaring at everyone outside hoping that the people walking by weren’t going to sit the in seat that I wanted. If this was 30 years ago I would have just left Princess Peach in her stroller beside the table to “hold it” but in this day and age I would have been arrested or worse, she could have been taken.

So I get my drink and go outside and get a prime seat. We were having the best time. She was eating a snack. I was drinking my coffee which even a venti sized just sometimes is not enough. Princess Peach now knows Starbucks (a very sad reality as a parent. I failed in that department) and I must get her her own mini Starbucks cup or she flips out. Yes, my 10 month old daughter will have a shit fit if she sees my coffee/frappucino cup and doesn’t have one of her own. That was another embarrassing parenting fail moment of this past week.

Anyways, after a while Auntie Beige came down to meet us so we could leave. As I lifted my ass not even 3 centimetres off the chair this older woman in a workout get-up and husband who were either on a break from a leisurely walk or pretending to be (her makeup was too perfect to be post-workout) asked if we were leaving.As I gathered my garbage from the table (yes, I’m nice) the woman turned to Princess Peach and greeted her.I said “say hello back” (as in wave not have a conversation….this is a baby here) and the woman says “well she can’t say anything with that in her mouth!” (referring to the pacifier that Princess Peach was sucking on). My jaw fell to the floor and her husband obviously noticed me picking it up said “honey, you can’t judge. Some people use them and some other kids suck their thumbs”. Ok nice husband, wait for it. Then the woman says “there is no need for things like this. My kids sucked their thumbs and that drove me crazy”. I then turned to her and said “Actually, I sucked my thumb for a long time and was hoping she would too” (do I sound like a bad mom or what?). Then, she continued making some sort of rude comment as I was walking away.

I was aghast. Who did this woman think she was to tell ME a stranger what I should be doing with MY child. Yes, woman MY child. You already raised your children and made YOUR choices, so let ME make MINE. MINE. I own them and am responsible for them.

It bothered me for the rest of the day. Fine, people judge. Let them judge. But let them judge me quietly. I don’t need to hear it and I don’t need to hear a strangers unsolicited advice.

Has a stranger ever said anything to you unsolicited and rude about your child(ren) or way you parent?


Still loving my paci now



  1. auntie beige says:

    Lol well thank you for finally granting me an appearance but I thought I would be Auntie Fit or Auntie Beautiful.

  2. Hannah says:

    Sure, I had a total stranger YANK MY SON’S PACIFIER RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH once when he was less than a year old.

    I’ve got three kids now, aged 7, 4, and 6 months. I’m so used to the parenting police, I barely even notice them anymore. Although sometimes if people offer unsolicited advice on a day when I don’t have the patience for it, my stock reply is “Wow! You sure do know a lot about kids! Does your interest in mine mean you’re going to come watch them for a couple hours so I can go see a movie? AWESOME.” They always scurry away thinking I’m nuts, but it makes ME feel loads better. 😉

    • mscmommylife says:

      I would be so upset if someone yanked her paci out of her mouth!!! I love your response to people! I’m going to remember it and use it next time I’m in this situation. Should be interesting 🙂

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