Trade you a paci for a hockey stick

It was a lapse of judgement. Princess Peach was having a rough morning and didn’t want to put on all her winter clothes to get into the car to just get undressed at daycare 5 minutes later. I couldn’t blame her. Being bundled up in the cold weather SUCKS. As The Hubster and I are rushing out the door she started whining (which I can’t stand) and asked for her “baba” which is her word for her paci.

A few weeks earlier, her daycare teacher took away her paci at naptime which I was thrilled about. I was shocked she napped so well without it. She’s been using a paci since she was born and is able to fall asleep without it but she LOVES her paci. As well, at the same time we stopped letting her bring her paci into her classroom as she’s a “big girl” and big girls don’t have paci’s in the class. Usually when we tell her this is the morning she smiles and laughs because she knows it will be confiscated when she goes into her class.

So to stop the whining which behaviourally I should have ignored, but I couldn’t because whining drives me bonkers. I gave Princess Peach her paci. She was so happy and content with it on her ride to daycare. When we got to daycare we told her that she had to take it out and leave it in the car. Usually she obliges and drops her Paci beside her carseat. This day was different. She locked her teeth around it making it virtually impossible to pry it from her mouth. I tried yanking it out a few times as did The Hubster. Total fail. In my moment of distress I picked up her mini hockey stick that she loves to play with to make the “trade”. Paci for mini hockey stick.



I’m a teacher. Shouldn’t I know better that a mini hockey stick makes a perfect weapon for 1.5 years olds to hit each other with?!

Obviously the baby that I’m growing is sucking all of my brain cells from my brain and took some of my better judgement that day.

To be honest. I didn’t think about the trade at all. Princess Peach was happy to make the trade and give me the paci to leave in the car for the end of the way. Off she went into daycare carrying her mini hockey stick.

I didn’t realize what I had done until I went to drop Princess Peach off at daycare the next morning. She was the first one in her classroom and the teacher shuffles over to the fridge and pulls out the mini hockey stick that was lodged behind it. She immediately tucked it under her armpit so that Princess Peach couldn’t see it and then made me put it underneath my jacket. I then kissed Princess Peach goodbye. At that moment it hit me what happened.

I was so embarrassed and couldn’t believe what I had done.

Blame it on the baby brain, right?

I sent my kid to daycare with a weapon and didn’t think anything was wrong with it!!!

Have you ever sent your kid to school with something that you shouldn’t have? How did the teacher handle it?

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