The Walmart Pampers Stork is landing! #PampersStork

When I was pregnant the first time, I eagerly signed up for a pre-natal class with a friend. I was so excited to learn everything about baby; what to expect during my pregnancy, what will happen to me during labour, and what to do with baby once he/she arrives. There was one class that I remember sitting in taking notes. Lots of notes. That was the class on what items baby and mommy need in the hospital and what items to purchase prior to baby’s arrival. Oh my goodness. That list was 4 pages long! For some reason, I saved that list. It was saved with all of my newborn baby items. When I pulled all those items out in June, the list fell out. I found it hilarious. Why? Because, had I talked to myself 2 years earlier I would have said, buy a few outfits, diapers and wipes. The end.

After the pre-natal class ended and I was left to buy these aforementioned items on my own, I found it overwhelming. I became a research nut and totally obsessed with finding the best products for me and for baby. From even before Princess Peach arrived, I made one decision that has not disappointed me at all, even now through two children. What is that item? Pampers. Both Princess Peach and Little Dude have been wearing Pampers diapers since day 1.


For me, I love that Pampers keeps their skin dry and can hold a lot of pee and poo!  The Sesame Street designs are fun too. Princess Peach loves choosing which character will be on her diaper! Currently, Princess Peach wears a size 4 in Pampers Cruisers and Little Dude is sporting size 2 in Pampers Swaddlers.  I love that I’m able to trust a product like Pampers which has been keeping babies bottoms dry for over 50 years.

Pampers largest innovation

Pampers is devoted to keeping up with brand innovation and they have some wonderful diaper news! Launching October 7, Pampers diapers are now up to THREE times drier than ordinary diapers and offers up to 12 hours of overnight dryness protection! Pampers is also updating their packaging so figuring out which size diaper your little one needs will be easier than ever! This is the news that I’m so thrilled to share with everyone! I know that I love my Swaddlers and with Princess Peach I was so sad when they stopped after size 3.  Now, they will now go up to size 5! Isn’t that awesome?!

Having two kids in diapers means that I’m constantly changing diapers. I had Little Dude mid July, but did you know that the majority of babies are born in late September? If you do the math, that means that lots of snuggling (wink,wink) happens around the end of December J It also means that October is the month with the most newborns. To celebrate the month of the most newborns and to support new moms, Pampers and Walmart will be surprising Canadian moms with products to make her life easier thanks to the #PampersStork.  From October 7th-11th, the #PampersStork will be making special in person deliveries to moms in Toronto and deliveries throughout Canada.

Walmart Pampers Stork delivery

Since having Little Dude, I have become obsessed with online shopping. My time is now extremely valuable, more so than before and online shopping offers me all of the conveniences from my home!  Going to the mall or stores with two of them is challenging and carries all the Pampers products that I need as well as other little items I may need. I love that I can order at any time and that the turnaround time is quite fast and shipping is free.

 So join me and other moms from across Canada online to see where the #PampersStork will be making deliveries! Follow along at #PampersStork on twitter or Facebook !

 Disclosure:  I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.  I received compensation to share this particular initiative.



  1. Claire says:

    I have just started using Pampers with my little guy and love them.

  2. Susannah says:

    What a great idea. New moms need all the support they can get. The first diaper that touched both my kids’ tooshies was Pampers. Love them!

  3. YashY says:

    hahah I’m a statistic.. or rather my kids are I guess. Both kids will have October birthdays! I just heard that the #Pampersstork is visiting me soon! Good timing with baby #2 due this month!

  4. Sarah Lynn says:

    I love that Princess Peach is in a smaller size than my daughter, even though she’s older lol. Love Pampers, and love the idea of #PampersStork!

  5. juliasuppaa says:

    Also a pampers family! Gotta love them! My mom used them on me too 🙂

  6. kerri brown says:

    I love pampers hope the pamersstork vist me

  7. loucheryl says:

    The Pampers Stork didn’t come visit me even though I tried to get them to come.

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