The last 24 hours

The last 24 hours = stressful. The Hubster and I have been so busy these past two weeks. The Hubster is finishing up another year teaching and with the end of the year comes an insane amount of things; coaches dinners, report cards, awards dinners, meetings etc. I feel like we have hardly seem him or spent time together these past two weeks. But, come tomorrow at noon we will be together for the entire summer 🙂 YAY!  I’ve been busy with good things too but that will be disclosed another day (and NO I’m not pregnant! haha).

So in the last 24 hours:

-baby vomited all over herself in public (fun times)

-peed all over herself while i was changing her diaper and then crawled through it (awesome mom right here!!)

-soaked her clothes in water

-covered herself (head to toe) and her pajamas in raspberries

-fed Princess Peach in her stroller while I played softball with The Hubster and she watched behind a fence (one of the guys on the other team said to me “When I’m a parent I want to parent just like you”. Not sure if this was a compliment or not haha

-woke up to a power outage

-couldn’t get our stroller out of the garage because of the power outage

-couldn’t get our green bin out of the garage in time for pick up which means smelly gross compostables sweltering in our garage this week.

-packed the car for a weekend up north with my family by MYSELF with Princess Peach awake!

obviously forgot some things at home because it was total chaos

-Princess Peach threw herself off our bed this morning (I almost bawled. She’s fine. I’m freaked out)

-Princess Peach attempted to catapult herself off the bed at the resort we are staying at least 5 times

-I’ve dropped and spilled an entire container of yogurt on our kitchen floor.

– couldn’t find my keys (but i can never find them these days)

-I’m running on 5 hours of sleep and TONS of caffeine (Starbucks and Diet Coke)

-took Princess Peach off of formula cold turkey and 100% on Homo milk

-bathed baby in the shower (not fun for either of us)

-updated my WordPress account (what I blog on) and it crashed and I couldn’t access anything and it was very difficult to fix. Stressed me out.

-Tonight I will be in bed and asleep by 10:30. That is winning.

How was your past 24 hours???




  1. Hope says:

    I have had days like that – BIG HUG.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thanks Hope!!! Glad that it’s over! We are now up north with my parents and looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. Be in touch next week! Have a great long weekend.

  2. Sarah Resnick says:

    Wow! You pulled through victoriously. Awesome mommy-ing! However these types of days are what petrify me about a job offer requiring going back to work early. Baby won’t magically turn ‘easy’ at three months old! (or 18 months or any age). You put my fears into words, thanks!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Thanks Sarah! It was a tough 24 hours but now all is well (actually amazing!) As I always say these stages just become your new “normal” and every though you will be going back to work, life with two babes will just be your new “normal” and you will do amazing and roll with the punches 🙂

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