Princess Peach reviews Disney Jr’s Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

Disney has always been a part of my life including some of  my earliest memories! My mom use to sing my sister and a personalized version of the Mickey Mouse Club March Song as a bedtime song. Instead of singing “M-I-C-K-E-Y……” she changed it to “Now it’s time to say goodnight to the Kaiman family, K-A-I-M-A-N…the Kaiman family”. Those are my earliest memories of the magic of Disney. Then there were all the classic Disney movies we watched as a family and two memorable family trips to Disney World. Before I got sick, we were planning on going this winter break. It’s postponed now, but we will make it there soon I’m sure! I can’t wait to take my kids to the most magical place.

The Disney Jr. channel has some of my kids favourite shows. Both Princess Peach and Little Dude love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and they especially love doing the Hot Dog Dance along with the show! Princess Peach also loves watching the adventures of Sofia the First, Sheriff Callie’s Wild, Wild, West and Doc McStuffins.

Recently we were sent Rainbow Dazzle Minnie to review. Usually when I review a toy, I let my kids play with it, and I observe them and ask them what they think of the item(s). This review is different in that I gave Princess Peach the toy and let her review it for all of you! So sit back and enjoy!

Rainbow Dazzle Minnie is a super cute toy. She keeps Princess Peach engaged even though changing colours of her outfit is the only things she does. Rainbow Minnie’s bow, top and skirt change colour by simply touching them.  The options are endless as there are over 200 colour combinations to make. Once your child designs the outfit colours of choice, you press Minnie’s hand and she sings a version of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colours” song. Look through the camera accessory to get another cool effect when she is lit up.

Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

For the month of December, Disney Junior presents “Magical Holidays” featuring festive premieres and new episodes of Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Miles from Tomorrowland, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, Sofia the First and more.

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