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For my blog I have chosen to focus on great Canadian children’s authors. I love to read books. I have as a child, as an educator and now as a mother. There are so many wonderful Canadians children’s authors. I hope that you will check out some of my suggestions below!

Robert Munsch- He is a household name for Canadian children’s authors. His list of books is too large to list here but his books range from the more serious I Love You Forever to hilarious books about Farts in Good Families Don’t. His books are sure to be a hit. Most of his books include some sort of repetition which gets fun when kids are older and can say the repetitive parts. Some favourites include Murmel, Murmel, Murmel, Mud Puddle, Stephanie’s Ponytail, Mortimer and Moira’s Birthday.


Melanie Watt- Two years ago when I was in Teacher’s College I learned about this hilarious Canadian children’s author. Her books are so enjoyable! I absolutely fell in love with her Scaredy Squirrel series. Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of many things and in each book there is a fear that he is faced with and he overcomes this fear in an uplifiting comical way. It is a great tool to help children about overcoming what seems to be the impossible! For the Scaredy Squirrel fan you can download posters, stickers and activities here


Dennis Lee- A Canadian born poet his poems are witty and memorable. As a child I must have read his poem Jelly Belly a few times of week. We have a video of Auntie Beige at her pre-school graduation singing a musical version of his Alligator Pie poem. To this day we still remember all the words!! Lots of fun to read.



Paulette Bourgeois- Did you know Franklin the Turtle series was created by a Canadian? Well, if you didn’t know you do! Another fantastic series it follows Franklin encountering a situation in each book and then overcomes that specific situation. Franklin is an engaging and relatable character for children and parents. Franklin has also become a very popular TV series. These books are sure to become a staple in your home library!


Phoebe Gilman-I know that I discussed Phoebe Gilman’s books in a earlier post but I can’t write a post about my favourite Canadian children’s authors without including her. Her books will always be at the top of my favourites as a child. Jillian Jiggs, The Ballooon Tree and Someone from Nothing will be forever special books to me and Auntie Beige (wow, mentioned twice in one post!). I can only hope that Princess Peach will find them as special as we do!


Jeremy Tankard- Grumpy Bird and Boo Hoo Bird are about Bird in a different situation (being grumpy and hurt) where his friends (Raccoon, Sheep, Beaver, and Fox) try to help him out. In each book Bird goes to each friends who offers different advice about the situation which mimics life in a captivating and relatable way for children. Each book with its whimsical illustrations are sure to bring a smile to anyones face (even an adults!).

I hope you enjoy my Canadian children’s book suggestions!!

What are your favourite Canadian children’s authors and books?

Wishing everyone a very happy Canada Day!



  1. Great post! I love Robert munch! Thanks for taking part in TGCBB! 🙂

  2. We love Munsch and my kids loved Jillian Jiggs too! Thanks for taking part in #TGCBB and Happy Canada Day!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love Franklin! I can’t believe how the series has grown since I was a child. Happy (belated) Canada Day!

  4. Hello fellow coffee lover 😉

    I am a former Kindergarten teacher – nice to meet another teacher/Mom!

    I have to say that I’ve never been a huge fan of Munsch, but the kids sure do love his books!!!

    GREAT post!

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