New Beginnings for everyone!

The three of us

So a few weeks ago I said I had good news to share but it needed to wait a bit. Well the good news is that I quit my job and will be starting a new job at the end of August. I’m very bad a quitting jobs-my track record for quitting is bad. I get so scared and build it up to be something it’s really not. This happens every single time. Quitting my job was both exciting yet sad. Sad that I’m leaving a place that I know, although by the time I would have returned from my mat leave most of the staff that I knew would not be there. But I know how the company and other organizations work in that field and what my workload is etc. It’s a job that was comfortable and predictable. It’s a job that I could do with my eyes closed (in a good way though).

I’m taking a job that really is my dream job. It combines my passion of working with children with special needs and education. I will be a special education teacher for children with special needs at a private school. I’m so excited for the opportunity and the all the new adventures it will bring! I love a new challenge and this job will be one, but a great one!

My greatest fear besides leaving Princess Peach (read below) is how to manage everything I need to be doing on very limited time. I’m not going to have hours upon hours to run errands, go grocery shopping. I’m going to have to become very skilled at getting a lot done in a short amount of time. I need meal plans, grocery lists, laundry done, groceries bought, bills paid, school work done, blogging. This is getting overwhelming!  I think I need a personal assistant.

The Hubster is starting a new job too. At a new school. The new school is much closer to where we live. Actually, it’s pretty much one of the three closest high schools to where we live. So ya, it’s really close. His position will require more of his time and he will be busier with admin stuff but I’m so excited for him and his new challenge.

Then there is Princess Peach. She too will have a new beginning and be starting daycare. I’m excited, sad, nervous and scared for her and for me all at the same time. I think we chose the perfect place for her and I think she will be happy there. She’s a very social baby and I know she will love being surrounded by her friends all day. I’m sad because I won’t be the one with her all day. I have loved my time with her at home and it’s sad to think it’s almost done. I’m nervous and scared for the unknown. I’m sure she will love the daycare but worry about silly little things like what if she needs her pacifier will the staff know and be willing to give her one? Does she need indoor shoes? What if she doesn’t like it and can’t tell me. What if she doesn’t like what they serve for lunch. No one will be making her a separate meal. I worry about all the little things.

So all three of us will be starting something new on Tuesday September 4. As crazy and hectic as that first week is going to be I know that everything will work out OK for all three of us. Seeing that 4 is my favourite number it HAS to be a good day 🙂 Yes, I’m a little crazy like that!

Are you starting a new job after a mat leave? Any fears leaving baby? Any tips from parents who have already re-entered the workforce? How do I make it all work?



  1. Sophie says:

    Congrats!!! I have always wondered how parents were doing, I already feel like I am short on time to do everything.

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