Magformers Light Show Review and Giveaway

Princess Peach, for an almost 2.5 year old has a spectacular imagination. She loves playing make-believe with anything she can. We have tea parties with Tupperware, re-enact parts of her favourite sports and music classes and things that happen at school like circle time, getting all the kids to line up and music time. This morning she turned a song about a whale into real life play with pieces of felt! It’s amazing watching what she can come up with!

Many of her toys are straightforward and don’t need much imagination or transformation. That’s why when I received Magformers Light Show, I will thrilled and excited to see what she could do with it! The set includes 55 pieces; 48 plastic magnetic shapes, 6 opaque pyramids, 1 LED light and USB cord. I love that the LED light is rechargeable and it charges quickly when plugged into a computer.

Princess Peach couldn’t wait to break out the Magformers and to be honest neither could I! I love that it includes directions on how to build certain objects which is perfect for older kids who are able to follow them. When I took the shapes out of the package it’s as if Princess Peach knew what she had to do. Right away she got to building. At first there was a little learning curve on pulling the pieces apart. The magnets have quite a strong pull so at the beginning she needed help but quickly was able to do it herself. Myself and The Hubster had to show her and help her at first create simple shapes like pyramids and boxes, but she picked it up quickly and was making them herself.


The LED light adds another fun dimension to this toy. It allows for the structure you created to glow, as well as creating shadows on walls. Princess Peach likes to build something, add the pyramids to the structure, turn on the LED light, turn off the lights in the playroom (which is dark) and watch her structure glow! It’s a lot of fun for me too! When you are done with the LED light, make sure your child knows how to turn it off properly as it’s not an on/off button. You have to press it many times as it cycles through all the colours before turning off.


It’s really amazing watching her play with Magformers. Each time she builds something different she is equally as proud of her creation as the one before it. Magformers are an educational toy that focuses on teaching spatial awareness, math, reasoning, shapes, pattering, and architecture in a fun way! The greatest thing about Magformers is that there is no right or wrong way to play with this toy. Right now she’s into building houses, rockets, butterflies and smalls castles. But as she gets older, this toy allows her to become creative in other ways and maybe she will want to build a camera, a diamond or a pinwheel. You can also mix and match Magformers sets so this is a toy that can literally build onto itself!

In my books, I know a toy is a winner when Princess Peach chooses it over her beloved Max and Ruby. Believe me, it’s very rare when this happens. When Magformers are out in our playroom, Princess Peach runs to them and is totally engaged even when we turned on Max and Ruby to test it out! I love that she immerses herself in this toy for long periods of time and challenges herself with it. For us, Magformers Light Show is a total winner! That’s why it made my Holiday Gift Guide!

Check out the Magformers website for more information.

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Disclosure: I received Magformers for the purpose of a review. As always the experiences and opinions in this blog are honest and are mine!


  1. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    anything lego and they are hooked

  2. seham merzib says:

    Anything transformers

  3. jodi says:

    I would love for A. to build her imagination. I have tried with blocks, but her attention span was super short.

  4. Erin says:


  5. mindy says:

    hmmm…. lego is a huge draw but if M can create something, he will. he loves tape and scissors and makes the strangest concoctions….

  6. Mo says:

    Looks good kids would love it

  7. sam says:

    Lego and any animals

  8. Kelly D says:

    My kids love their building blocks.

  9. Lauren says:

    We love our Magformers from Hanukkah! And any craft!

  10. hmrcarlson says:

    My kids love LEGO!

  11. channynn says:

    Disney Junior! I’d like an alternative

  12. Lisa says:

    Looks amazing. The girls will love this

  13. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Anything Lego or dealing with building

  14. Angela Mitchell says:

    My daughter can read, play Webkinz on the computer, or watch tv for long periods of time.

  15. legos, things that make noise, their leappad/leapster toys, and hotwheels

  16. Angela Truong says:

    My 3 year old LOVES magformers! We would love to expand his collection so that he can build bigger designs.

  17. loriag says:

    Lego keeps them entertained for periods of time.

  18. mf says:

    clics and legos

  19. Sarah says:

    The magformers are awesome and so are magna-tiles

  20. Jane Akers says:

    Any kind of building toys. They are stretching their imaginations, nothing better!

  21. Ashley says:

    My kids really like playing with our waffles blocks. They get used almost everyday.

  22. tiffany says:

    These would be wonderful to win!

  23. lois says:

    Dress up clothes or anything outside keeps my kids busy all day!

  24. Bernice says:

    Barbies keep them busy

  25. Puzzles 🙂

  26. Play doh and crafts for my almost three-year-old!

  27. Cari says:

    These look great!! Like magna tiles but the light feature is awesome

  28. Arielle says:

    Looks amazing!!!! I think my daughter would love it!

  29. Sarah Stickney says:

    anything cars

  30. Books and trains

  31. I’ve been waiting for my internet to start working so I could see who won. Who won Renee???!!!! 😉

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