Little Dude’s Favourite Books

For a while I was posting some of Princess Peach’s favourite toys/items that she enjoys playing with. I realized that in the almost 19 months that Little Dude has been here I haven’t shared any of his picks. The funny thing is that he doesn’t have very many favourite things that aren’t his sisters. Whatever she is into he wants to play with. But there are some items not that he is absolutely in love with and I just have to share them with all of you!


Over the past month, Little Dude has fallen in love with books. He didnt’ really care for them much before this. Everytime I would try to read him a book we would get a few pages in and then he would either close the book or whip it across the room. Our book collection in our house is quite large as Princess Peach has loved books since she was a baby. And I absolutely adore kids books and love sharing books with my kids. Little Dude has chosen some books that have become his favourites. He walks around with some of these books each and everyday and insists to bring them with him. He has a variety of favourite books that we read over and over and over again. OVER. AND. OVER. AGAIN. Seriously. We could read some of these books upwards of 10 times each per day. So ya, I’d say he’s a little obsessed at the moment.

 My So-Called Mommy Life Little Dude reading


Here are his favourites:




What are your kids current favourite books?

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