Little Dude is 3!

Dear Little Dude,

Happy birthday! I can’t believe you are three (yesterday).

Little Dude My So-Called Mommy Life

I love writing you these letters because each year I’m able to see how much you have grown over the year, but more so that you have documentation of the amazing things you have done. Should anything ever happen to me, these letters are from me for you to keep and cherish.

What a year you have had! You have become a chatty little boy with a great vocabulary. Some people have a problem understanding you because you speak in the highest pitch squeaky voice. Sometimes (at 4 am) it can be painful to listen to but I find it mostly endearing and cute.

Little Dude My So-Called Mommy Life

What do you love? You love so many things. Paw Patrol and now Blaze and the Monster Machines are your favourite shows. You love everything to do with them. You love watching the shows, reading books about it and playing with the characters. For your birthday you wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and Blaze on top. So I decided to make you a cake from scratch. This is something I never do, and although it turned out ok (from far away) the smile on your face made it totally worth it! You were so happy looking at that cake and listening to your family sing you happy birthday. You favourite Paw Patrol character is Marshall because he’s goofy and he’s red (which is your favourite colour). Blaze is your favourite character from Blaze and the Monster Machines.


You love Magnatiles and toys you can build with, you love toy cars and trucks. But really, you love anything. You like to hoard your toys in crib at bedtime. Sometimes you have so many things in there with you that I don’t know how you sleep! You are so laid back and happy most of the time that it’s not hard to make you happy.

My So-Called Mommy Life

You are obsessed with burgers. If it was up to you, you would eat a burger or two daily. You eat your burgers in the funniest and most unique way. You like the patty cut into pieces which you eat with a fork. You eat the bun separately and dipped in ketchup. And you love French fries on the side too. Your love of fruit continues. You and your sister could sit and finish Costco size package of berries in one sitting. You often eat two pears for breakfast with a fig bar (preferably red). You are obsessed with green smoothies from the farmers market and a cookie. You also love your yogurt drinks and as much to your dad’s chagrin, you love your bottle. I’m ok with you having it and I’m sure you won’t be still using it in high school!

 You love, love, love going to daycare. You love being there with your friends and teachers and you love to learn. You love letters and can identify all of them as well know most of their sounds. You love to count, but often count out of order which we think is the cutest. No matter how many times I tell you, you are convinced eleventeen is a number! You like stickers, playdoh and like to scribble on paper. You have yet to really draw anything identifiable, but you are always very proud of your creations. You love Shabbat and making challah. Your teachers toilet trained you extremely quickly. I was skeptical when you teachers said in January that they were going to train you because you showed zero interest in the toilet. But, I was wrong and they were right. The first day was a complete disaster but you caught on pretty quickly and within 2 weeks you were fully trained. Now that it’s summer you have a love of peeing on trees all the time and often like to poo at the park. Yup, it’s disgusting but I’m use to it now and bring bags with me just like a dog!

You have a great group of friends who you really enjoy playing with and you are always so excited to see them. You are most proud of your “girlfriend” and watching the two of you together is heart warming. Just last week you were feeding each other chocolate ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

 My So-Called Mommy Life

 You seem to really like hockey. We got you on the ice this past winter on skates with double blades. And you could move! We were so proud of you. When your dad moved you from the double blades to the single blade you weren’t very happy about it and wouldn’t really move on the ice. You also love anything with a ball- throwing, kicking and catching.  You are always up to play!

You are a great sense of humor and are really funny. You are always saying funny things to us and making us laugh. Your dad and I love listening to your laugh. It is so contagious and makes me smile! 

Out of everyone, you seem to be missing my breasts the most. It’s pretty crazy because you were so young when I was diagnosed and just 2 when I had my mastectomy, but after I had my surgery you were obsessed with the tools that the doctor used to cut my boobs off. We would often have conversations that focused on you trying to figure out what tool was used and me trying to answer your question in an age appropriate way and move on.  When I wear my prothetics, you often comment about my “new” boobs. Last week you asked me if the doctors gave me new boobs which blew me away because we don’t talk about my lack of breasts ever.

My So-Called Mommy Life

The bond you and your sister have is remarkable. You absolutely adore her and want to do everything just like her. You are often found snuggling together on the couch and playing with each other. You both love playing hide-and-seek and although your hiding needs some work, the two of you could play this for a long time. You call your closet “an elevator” and you both like to hide there together. Watching the two of you continue to grow your relationship makes me so happy. It makes me feel like me and your dad are doing something right in this parenting thing.

 My So-Called Mommy Life

Little Dude, we couldn’t love you anymore and you make us so happy.

I’m so proud to be your mom.

I love you so much.

Love Mommy




  1. Clearly he has very good taste if red is his favourite colour!

    • mscmommylife says:

      haha He only wants to wear red so I’ve been buying tons of red stuff for him. And he likes to wear all the red things together too. Quite the look 🙂

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