Let me share a Secret #PGmom

I’m not sure exactly at what age I started wearing deodorant but for my first few years my parents would buy my deodorant. I remember having a wet roll-on and thinking it was the grossest thing ever. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to apply something wet to their armpits, have to let it dry and then get dressed. Seemed way too complicated then and now. I still to this day won’t wear a roll-on. Then there were the days of the aerosol spray deodorant. Didn’t mind those so much but after finding out that it wasn’t good for the environment I stopped using that one. One thing I knew right from the beginning of my deodorant using days is that I hate smelling like a variety of flowers or a newborn baby doused in baby powder. I like a light scent that you can barely smell or unscented.

When I was around 15 I was asked to be a part of a focus group introducing a new kind of deodorant to the market. It was Secret’s Platinum Soft Solid. I remember sitting in a circle with other teens around my age and rubbing the deodorant on our hands to see what it felt like, smell it and rate it. I fell in love with this product. It was unscented, went on smoothly and dry and best of all I stayed dry all day! Considering I played a lot of sports staying dry and odourless were very important to me. I needed to make sure that no matter how many times I did wall sits, suicides or scrimmages during basketball practice I needed to be confident that although I might have looked sweaty I didn’t smell sweaty. I became instantly hooked on this deodorant and got a few of my friends hooked too!

A few years ago my beloved Platinum Soft Solid was discontinued and I was devastated. I pretty much went to every pharmacy I could to grab whatever stock they had left! What deodorant was I going to use now?

The search began. I found a new brand that I started using but didn’t’ love it. The deodorant was OK but nothing special.

As a P & G mom, I am very lucky to be able to be introduced to and try a variety of products. One such item I received was Secret’s Outlast Invisible Solid.  A few weeks ago I used it for the first time and I instantly fell in love. It went on smooth, dry and best of all it is invisible! Considering that my entire wardrobe is black not having those white lines on the bottom of your shirt is important to me! Although I prefer unscented deodorant I really enjoyed the scent I was sent. Their “completely clean” scent is very unassuming when put on so it immediately passed my test of not smelling like a bouquet of mixed flowers.











Now here’s my secret about Secret. There’s a little sticker on the cap that states the deodorant has odour protection for 48 hours. 48? Really?! Usually I don’t buy those stickers. 48 hours of protection to me sounded like a far fetch. Wanna know what happened? Two weeks ago I woke up late on a Sunday and had no time to shower. I got dressed and went about my day. It wasn’t until close to the end of the day that I realized not only did I not shower but I hadn’t put on deodorant. Usually, I would have been mortified worrying about if I was wet, sweaty or smelly. But, guess what? The 48 hour protection was true! I was so amazed and am totally hooked!

Usually talking about deodorant would be a dry subject but in my case it IS a “dry” subject!

Disclosure- I am a P & G mom. As part of my partnership I receive products to use and review. All opinions expressed are my own.





  1. I love this product too! If I’m home sick with my daughter I usually just take care of her in my pjs…when she snuggles in to me, I don’t smell!

    I love that you were part of a Secret focus group!

    I wish I could remember the first deodorant my parents bought me…I think it was a roll-on too!

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