Lessons Learned

I’ve shared my birth story and for me it was a pretty horrible experience although I received the best gift at the end- Princess Peach. Click to read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 if you missed them!  Is my birth story the worst? No, it’s not but I know that my experience was shitty and something I had not expected.  I know what I went through and hopefully will never have to ever, again! The horrible doctor who delivered me told me that I get to choose the birth dates of my future children. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear at that moment. Until this pregnancy I had no idea what course of action my obstetrician had for me regarding childbirth and pretty much at this point it’s up to me. I’m thinking that a VBAC is the route I want to go but I still second guess myself all the time!

In retrospect there was a lot that I learned and I’m going to share it 🙂

1. Be your own advocate.

I didn’t read many books during my pregnancy. I did take a prenatal course but it pretty much sucked and the information (really, their personal opinions) went in one ear and out the other. I would tell any pregnant woman to read, read, read. Talk to people. Educate yourself so that if you are in any situation that you didn’t plan to find yourself in you and/or your partner can properly advocate for yourself.

2. Things never happen as you think they will go.

So I was clearly quite naive to childbirth and the whole experience. I think I handled myself quite well through all of it but I could have freaked out. Luckily, I didn’t but know that things never happen as you think they will go. Be open to embrace whatever comes your way!









3. Expect the unexpected.

I didn’t go in thinking I would have a c-section, or breast-feeding issues but with labour, delivery and newborns you never know what will happen so my dear preggo friends, expect the unexpected!

4. Your body is incredible!

It’s amazing to think that less than two years after a horrible birth I am willing and excited to be doing it all over again! The fact is that I remember birthing but my body has blocked out a lot of the stuff that I just don’t need or want to remember. After my c-section my body was resilient. It took me pretty much a year to lose all the baby weight plus more (yay!) but four days after my first major surgery I was up and at ’em, literally! I was walking, out and about like before. It made for one amazing recovery!

5. Ask for help!

Sure, so maybe breast-feeding didn’t work out for me but I know that I tried and I tried long and hard! I got loads of help from professionals so please ask other parents for recommendations to professionals if you need them. Don’t be afraid to ask. It takes a village, right? And that village starts from the moment when your children are born!

6. Get out!

From 4 days onwards we took her outside to different places. From 6 weeks onwards Princess Peach and I started going to classes. Obviously depending on the time of year you have your baby you want to be careful about sicknesses, especially in the winter. But, being cooped up at home with baby is NOT good! You need to get outside for your own sanity and baby benefits from the fresh air. For Princess Peach’s first year of life she was outside on walks for at least 1 hour a day. To this day, she absolutely loves the fresh air, being outside and  finds the stroller and relaxing place! Win, all around right?












7. It’s amazing how much love you feel for a person you have never met the second you meet them in person!

Just born!

Just born!


I’m pretty sure this sums it up but I remember hearing Princess Peach cry and then looking at her in real life for the first time. The love that I felt instantaneously was overwhelming. What is mind-boggling is that love continues to grow more and more everyday. The Hubster and I often find ourselves talking about how much more we love her. I think we are a little obsessed 🙂





So my mommy and daddy friends. Looking back, what lessons have you learned? What pieces of advice would you share with other parents-to-be?


  1. Sarah says:

    Definitely try for the Vbac, and now you have learned that life can throw you the unexpected, but at least you will have tried. My best friend had the most wonderful, 9 hours, caught the baby, baby breastfed…type of Vbac. But wait, she did hemmorage after and lost a bunch of blood and needed a transfusion. But at least she got the awesome birth. Other best friend had 24 hours of agonizing labour, reaction to the epidural, emergency C….type of Vbac. But at least she tried and she doesn’t regret it. Keep us posted!

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