My kids watch TV and I’m ok with it!


As  a child our television was always on. There was the news in the morning, many t.v. shows on during lunch such as my favourite Jem, Oprah on our television after school, news again during dinner time and a variety of prime time shows during the evenings. The amount of televisions in my childhood home outnumbered the people. One of my most treasured Bat-Mitzvah gifts was my very own television for my bedroom. I loved that t.v. I waited so long to have one of my own. It was a sign of “adulthood” and a rite of passage of sorts in my family.

When I was pregnant with Princess Peach there was a lot of talk  about screen time for babies and kids. How it’s bad and detrimental to their development. That the characters on the screen, the fast-moving pace, the lights, the colours. Oh my. What would it do to my little baby’s brain. All I was hearing was that I would be a horrible parent to show my children television.

So, like any new parent. I went a little crazy. I didn’t want the television on when she was in the room. I didn’t want her looking at it etc. But then I wasn’t able to enjoy my shows with her in the room. I limited what I watched and I didn’t like that. Close to her first birthday she became incredibly squirmy during diaper changes. So after trying everything I could image to keep her still, I handed her on iPhone. Voila! Elmo on YouTube to the rescue!! For the next little while Sesame Street songs on YouTube were her obsession. She loved watching them sing and dance. Some songs on YouTube quickly turned into short snip-bits of shows. 

My So-Called Mommy Life

And then I gave in. Why wasn’t I letting her watch television anyways? I grew up in front of the television and I turned out ok! I was an active kid/teen/adult with a variety of interests. Would having a television on really be that harmful to my child? I don’t think so. There are a lot of wonderfully educational programs on television. They teach social skills, opposites, shapes, colours, language etc. Wouldn’t I be enhancing and complementing what my husband and I along with school are already teaching her? Let me be clear here, at no time is television “babysitting” or replacing an activity for my kids. There are times when television provides some much-needed down time for Princess Peach.

Although, we limit the amount of television that Princess Peach now watches she definitely loves her TV and I’m OK with it! Little Dude hasn’t shown very much interest in television yet at 15 months and that’s ok too! We’ll follow his lead when he’s ready!

To me, moderation is key. As long as my kids have balance in their lives with other interest and activities I don’t mind them watching television.

Do your kids watch TV? Do you limit the amount of time they are allowed to watch?


  1. Brandy says:

    I grew up the same way. My mom always had the TV on. Sadly, I wasn’t an active kid like you. But I try to use moderation with my kids. They get to watch a couple of their shows each day and when they are sick (like my youngest just was the past few days) they get to watch a little more. My kids are extremely active. Even when the TV is on their “shows” they may also be in the middle of a mini stick hockey game.

  2. theseanamethod says:

    I also grew up with the TV on. I used to enjoy coming home from school and doing my homework in front of reruns. I never just sat and stared, I always was doing something and it was on as background entertainment. I still love TV. With children, I think moderation is important. Kids need to get outside and play too, but if you are careful about what they watch, and limit it to certain times of day, I think its fine. Some of my best memories are sitting on the couch and watching Barney with my now adult child:) “Please and Thank You, they’re the magic words…”

  3. Judy Cowan says:

    I grew up watching tv too and I turned out okay! I agree that moderation is the key and as a parent you do need to monitor what their watching but watching tv can be good for them, it can be very educational!

  4. loucheryl says:

    My boys watch TV and I’m OK with it too because I know that they also like to play outside and do other things. Everyone needs downtime and I enjoy watching TV too.

  5. loriag says:

    I am o,k with the TV, I think our thoughts need to be focused on all the other electronics, and making sure everything is balanced.

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