Help runny noses with Boogie Wipes

September has been a very busy month for our house! The Hubster went back to teaching, Princess Peach started the nursery school program at her daycare and Little Dude started daycare. I absolutely love daycare for so many reasons but there is one thing about daycare that I don’t like- the germs.No matter how clean they keep everything my kids are constantly sick!

I’m happy to announce that the month of September is over and I haven’t had a kid stay home sick yet. Little Dude has had a very runny nose for most of the month as well as an infected eye but that was cleared up by eye drops. I feel like he’s destined to have a runny nose for the majority of the winter. It’s like he walked into daycare the first day and came out with a runny nose!

Keeping germs at baby with little ones is difficult. Princess Peach is starting to get the concept of sneezing and coughing into her sleeve, but Little Dude is too young to get it. Runny noses with kids is tricky. Chasing little ones around with a tissue trying to wipe their nose can be annoying to say the least. Tissues and sensitive little kid skin can be very drying and irritating. This is where Boogie Wipes are a huge lifesaver nosesaver for any household with kids. Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies/mucus that are caused by the common cold, allergies or anything else that causes boogies in your kids. The wipes are extra soft and come in different scents. We received Grape Scent and Fresh Scent. The scents of both are very pleasant and not over whelming at all. The Grape Scent seems to be the winner in our house! Boogie Wipes are available in a variety of sizes. We tested out the canister (90 count) of wipes and the 30 count pack of wipes. The smaller count packs of Boogie Wipes are awesome to take along with me in a diaper bag or my purse.

Boogie Wipes My So-Called Mommy Life

Even though I may not be able to keep my kids germs at bay, I am able to do my best to make sure they are comfortable when they have a runny nose. If you haven’t tried Boogie Wipes yet, run to your local pharmacy or store to stock up! You won’t regret be armed with Boogie Wipes this winter!


  1. We LOVE boogie wipes! You can always find packages at our house! Especially this time of year!

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