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There are so many milestones that happen during your infants first year of life. It’s pretty wild to see what babies learn to do in a very short 12 months. They learn to sit up, grasp at items, roll over, scoot, crawl, pull, push, eat food, drink from a cup or bottle, names of items and people in their environment, clap, wave, babble, some talk and the list can go on and on. One thing I find fascinating about babies is their learning how to eat and developing their food palate.

Little Dude is now 5 months old and he was showing all the signs of being “ready” to eat. He was eying our food when we ate and was trying to grab at our plates. So off to the store I went to buy rice cereal. Going down the baby food aisle can be very overwhelming for any parent. I know I often get “lost” in all the choices at any given grocery store. I chose to go with Heinz baby rice cereal and start our exciting food journey with Little Dude. Heinz offers baby food products from stage 1 or from 4 months to toddler (around age 4). In addition to their regular baby food line they also make an organics line of food.  Heinz offers two types of rice cereal to start; one that has milk so all you have to add is water and one that you add your own breast milk/formula to. I chose the one where I add my own breast milk. Once mixed with breast milk, I found it to be very smooth with no clumps.

I was so thrilled to start feeding Little Dude! I didn’t feel all stressed out like I did with Princess Peach because I already own all the baby feeding items. I made sure to do our first feeding session when The Hubster was around so we could document the entire event! Eating for a baby is something that has to be learned and Little Dude has some learning to do! You know what they say “food before 1 is just for fun” and I was having so much fun watching his reaction and feeding him! I’m not so sure that Little Dude liked me shoving a spoon with cereal into his mouth but as our feeding sessions have progressed he seems to be dealing with it much better!

Heinz baby rice cereal

The great thing about Heinz baby products are that they have food options for infants to toddlers (age 4). Princess Peach isn’t the greatest of eaters. If it was up to her she would eat vanilla ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No joke. She has a major sweet tooth and in addition to her love of ice cream she loves cookies, granola bars and cake. She is often spoiled with those treats during visits to her great-grandparents. Since turning one she has become a self-proclaimed vegetarian and I often worry about her getting enough vitamins. I try to give her fresh foods and get her vitamins that way but it’s often not the case. Heinz Little Kids line of foods contain oatmeal bars, squeezable fruit packs, cookies and rice snacks.I love that I could give Princess Peach a snack that contains more vitamins than the generic granola bar that she likes to eat. One bar contains her daily amount of iron which is something I worry about because she doesn’t eat any red meat and not many leafy green veggies.

Heinz Little Kids Oatmeal Bars

She loved trying the Oatmeal bar. Look at the video below. It was totally unscripted and pretty awesome for a toddler trying a new “food” item for the first time.

So whether you are starting your little babe on solids or are looking for a great new item to add into your rotation of foods, be sure to scoop up some Heinz baby food products next time you are at the grocery store.

Check out Heinz Baby Food’s website and on Facebook to get great information of feeding your children from infants to toddlers and some coupons as well!

What were your baby’s first foods?

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. However, all opinions and experiences on this blog are my own.


  1. oh she is adorable! my boys were (okay…are) picking eaters, but they made the funniest faces with new foods as babies!

  2. So sweet! Love babies’ first time eating solids! Expressions are hilarious!

  3. Jenna Em says:

    This is bringing back fond memories when I first fed my own son Heinz cereals. Your son is SOO cute, and I loved seeing him (and you) at the recent Coke conference.

  4. NPC says:

    Our first baby foods were organic rice rusks and cereals. Then veggies and fruits and so on. My littlest loves the Heinz dehydrated fruit puffs.

  5. We used a variety of Heinz baby products with our boys – loved feeding them cereal we knew was good for them.

  6. Yuen C says:

    Feeding them baby mum mums which is like rice crackers.

  7. loucheryl says:

    My baby boy loves everything! My first boy was really picky so I really got lucky with my second boy. He loves banana the most!

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