Go the F**k to sleep (please!!!!)

There is a great book that came out last year called Go to F**k  to sleep by Adam Mansbach. It’s a very funny book especially for parents whose babies and/or children give them a hassle about sleeping. I read the book, laughed and enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures. But, The Hubster and I are pretty lucky parents in that Princess Peach sleeps and has slept pretty much since about 6 weeks old. We are VERY lucky and definitely realize this.

But Princess Peach has never been a good napper. She will fall asleep in the car, in the baby carrier and in the stroller when we are out but once I move her she wakes up. Usually we are together and she is awake ALL day. Yes I am with a mobile baby ALLLLLLL day long. It’s exhausting to say the least. I yearned for the day when she would nap like some of her little friends for 3-4 hours a day.

Last week it was although a little bird whispered in her ear and said “be a good napper. give your mommy a break”. She slept 45 mins-1 hour in the morning and then 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon! My child? Really? And I didn’t have to do anything to get her to do this? Nope! Nothing. I’m just lucky.

But then when your baby naps and you don’t expect it you don’t know what to do. The first day this happened I literally waited around for the 2 hours she slept in the afternoon waiting for her to wake up! What was I suppose to do with all this free time?

By the end of the week I was reveling in my newfound time! I could clean, do laundry, sit and each lunch! LUNCH!!! Eat lunch! Something I really haven’t done since I left work last year! I even made a midday coffee.

So yesterday, when I went to put her down for her nap a little later than usual she decided to pull off my glasses and laugh. So I rocked her a little longer, sang her a song, kissed her forehead and she screamed when I put her in her crib. Screamed and then puked up her lunch all over her sheets. Awesome.

At this point my tummy is rumbling and my mouth is salivating thinking about the lunch I am going to make. I even planned on treating myself to an afternoon coffee. She’s been in such a good routine and I have so been enjoying my alone time in the afternoon.

So i change her sheets, bring her to the basement to play and wait 30 minutes until I try again because baby go the f**k to sleep (please and thank you). And dont’ forget…I love you 🙂


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