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This winter has been brutal. I have seen too many days that fall anywhere between -20 to -40. Those numbers  should never be on a thermostat, ever. I don’t live in the Arctic but I sure feel like I have been this winter! The layers upon layers and being so bundled is really getting to me. I’ve had enough of sweaters, long sleeves, boots, mitts, and scarves. I’m ready for spring!

This winter, Downy is challenging Canadians to share their favourite fashion looks that make them want to rip their clothes on. How? Sprinkle a little Downy Unstopables into your load of laundry and your clothes will smell oh so fresh you’ll just have to cuddle up with your loved ones! Add Ultra Downy fabric softener to leave your clothes feeling extra soft with an added boost of irresistible scent.

I was sent a gift card to go choose an article of clothing to share with all of you what rips my clothes on! I found this fabulous sheer floral t-shirt from Joe Fresh. I love the colour black and the flowers add some fun and colour. Paired with a cute cardigan in the winter or a jean jacket or blazer on top and either with jeans or black pants it’s the perfect addition to my wardrobe!

 #ripyourclotheson giveaway My So-Called Mommy Life

Check out this awesome Downy video (premiered during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show) for a little bit of inspiration!

Win It!!!

This is a Flash Giveaway which means it’ll end on March 1, 2015 at 12 am.

One Lucky Canadian (excl Quebec) will win a #RipYourClothesOn prize pack (arv $45). The prize contains:

-Downy Unstopables

-Ultra Downy

-$25 Joe Fresh Gift card

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  1. Valerie Mallette says:

    My favourite piece of clothing are my blue flannel pyjama bottoms 🙂

  2. nomnombearinyvr says:

    My favourite piece of clothing is my cotton sweater tunic

    Jeannie Lam

  3. Lorrie Coleman says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is my jean leggings

  4. l p says:

    sweats. thanks

  5. My pjs are my favorite.

  6. angela m says:

    I love my Grey Guinness hoodie.

  7. kathy downey says:

    My favourite piece of clothing is my PJs

  8. My favourite piece of clothing is my cable knit sweater

  9. Erika E says:

    I have a red sweater that is so soft and comfortable, it’s my favourite.

  10. My grey sweater is my favourite.

  11. lori b says:

    a tattered worn out hoodie

  12. nicolthepickle says:

    I have some Agnes and Dora leggings that I love.

  13. Gene D says:

    warm cozy socks

  14. Justine says:

    My cotton onesie!

  15. Lori Jackson says:

    My Yoga pants!! They are soooo comfy!

  16. my cupcake pyjama pants

  17. Florence C says:

    I very soft purple sweater.

  18. Jenny says:


  19. Lisa Neutel says:

    i love my fave fleece comfy and cozy pjs

  20. Julie F says:

    My fleecy sweater

  21. Tracy D says:

    My yoga pants!

  22. elaing8 says:

    My flannel PJ pants

  23. Glogirl says:

    Right now my favourite piece of clothing is my faux fur lined hoodie.

  24. Chris B says:

    My Unicorn Pajamas

  25. A fave is my feathery down hooded jacket, it keeps me warm and cosey when I fly around outdoors!

  26. Janet B says:

    My super-soft sweater!

  27. andrea arthur says:

    My comfy sweat shirt

  28. piroska says:

    I have a favourite sweater–blue, soft, and yes, old…and my hubby hates it! He keeps trying to buy me a new sweater! :o)

  29. Gillian Morgan says:

    My soft jammies.

  30. For in the house my pj’s

  31. Marie S says:

    I love my pjs at home and scrubs at work

  32. Angela+Mitchell says:

    My fleece pants – so cozy and warm.

  33. jessica eapen says:

    I have a great pink lululemon hoodie I love!

  34. Melissa D says:

    yoga pants

  35. BF’s blue hoodie

  36. Tights from Zara. I have at least 5 pairs.

  37. Silvia D says:

    my soft fluffy comfy PJ’s

  38. My fleece PJs

  39. edmontonjb says:

    I love my cozy Roots hoodie


  40. Lori Bazan says:

    My favourite piece of clothing is my yoga pants and black tights

  41. ksceviour says:

    my warm cozy pjs are my favorite piece of clothing!!

  42. Lisa Smith says:

    My leopard print onsie

  43. Marla says:

    My black leggings

  44. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My favorite piece of clothing is my Jeans.

  45. My statement sweatshirt!

  46. Judy Cowan says:

    I have a old red hoodie that is my favourite, it is so warm and cozy!

  47. Julie Bolduc says:

    I have an old pair of oh bottoms I can not live without

  48. Sunshine G says:

    My yoga pants (clearly, I’m a Vancouver girl).

  49. josephine evans says:

    My lulu yoga pants! LOVE THEM!

  50. mrdisco1 says:

    my boxers!

  51. Yuen C says:

    My pajamas

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