Babylicious: An A+ dining experience

Two weeks ago, I helped spread the news about the Babylicious dining event in Toronto. PC Organics has teamed up with many popular restaurants in Toronto and are offering a prix fixe menu for the adults, while the kids get their own 3-course meal thanks to PC Organics. Last night Little Dude and I were joined by two friends and their kids for our Babylicious meal at Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine in Toronto.

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Our reservations were for 5:45 pm and when we arrived, our table was waiting for us. I loved that when we arrived other parents where there taking part in the Babylicious dining event! We were quickly seated and offered high chairs for all the kids. It was very impressive that they had enough high chairs to accommodate all the little ones at the same time!

Once seated we were giving our menu along with the babies menu which I thought was so cute.

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All of the kids were given a signature Babylicious bib once we were seated. Little Dude refused to wear his but our two friends joining us wore theirs!

#babylicious Toronto

The kids were also given colouring books and crayons which was a nice touch and something to keep them busy while we were waiting for our food.

Let’s talk about the food for a minute. I love middle eastern food and have eaten at Tabule before but I forgot how much I love their food. Dinner was so delicious. I had the Halum Salad where the grilled Halum cheese is served on Arugala. For my main I had the Tawuk which was served with yummy grilled veggies and tasty rice. The portion is huge! For dessert, I had Knaffa Ashta which was delicious!  The rose water syrup on top was incredible and was the perfect end to a delicious meal!


For the smaller patrons they all choose puffs to start, pasta for their main course and a pouch to end of the meal. The pouch came with an attached plastic spoon to make the pouch easier to feed to little ones. I loved that all of their food came in plastic bowls, with small utensils as well they had plastic drinking cups! We didn’t have to worry about the kids breaking dishes at all which was nice!


The bathrooms were outfitted with a change table, change pad, diaper pail, diapers and wipes! It was awesome especially if you forget something you don’t have to worry because the restaurant has it for you!

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Dining with kids can sometimes be really difficult  and stressful but at no time did we feel like we were imposing on other patrons or the restaurant.  The servers were extremely accommodating and very friendly. The kids made a huge mess on the floor and our waitress was so lovely and told us not to worry about anything! Considering we usually dine and dash at a restaurant when we have the kids with us, all three moms were able to sit and enjoy (A.K.A. not shove into our mouths) their food as well as talk to each other! It was so nice and we all enjoyed ourselves.


Before we left, each mom received a goodie bag filled with PC Organics products and coupons! What a treat!

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Babylicious is running until May 15, 2016! Check out for more information about participating restaurants and how to book!



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