‘Cause everything is RENT

Friday mornings I get a few hours to myself. My mom takes Princess Peach to a class so it’s a nice break and something I enjoy looking forward to every week. So my childless self decides to go downtown. I had some errands to run on Bloor St this morning and after completing them I quickly ran into Indigo to look at some books. I need a new summer read. So as a side note if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

As I walked into the door of Indigo with my head down checking some emails I heard it-RENT. LIVE. Right in front of me were half a dozen young adults singing RENT. There was a pianist and these people standing there. I couldn’t believe it. A few people were looking on. My heart started beating fast. Of all the musicals, it had to be RENT performing live right in front of me. O.M.G. I got flustered. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t have my baby with me. She couldn’t enjoy this production. All these wild thoughts were going through my head! HELP.

I went to the side to watch and all the sudden more cast members pop out of the mystery book aisle and start walking towards the other singers. There are more of them. I start lip syncing because that’s what I do when I hear RENT. I looked up and saw salvation, Starbucks. I could “listen” and enjoy this performance without looking like a total weirdo. So I order my coffee and while waiting I see another girl standing in front of me lip syncing too. So now I’m not alone. There’s another (possible) RENT lover (head) standing right in front of me waiting for her coffee. I get my coffee and sit down. How can i miss a free pop up production of RENT? I wanted to video it and probably could have but I felt creepy because I don’t know these people and still dont’ know where they are from- a school? a theatre group? So I have an idea. I can record their voices. Still creepy but inconspicuous. I’m brilliant. So I record a song. Send part to my sister and part to another friend. Genius 🙂

I get lost listened to them singing. Enjoying my coffee, just being able to sit, somewhat shortly reliving a huge piece of my past and then I look down at the time. Realize I have a shit load of stuff to do before I have to pick up Princess Peach from my mom. Snap back to reality, smile and leave.

Oh, how I love RENT.

What are your favourite musicals?



  1. Jac Harr says:

    That sounds awesome! Rent is the best!

  2. Awesomemommy says:

    Really this is by far my favourite blog now! You rock and HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THIS?! So jealous of your starbucks, RENT and babyless Friday morning. Hope you enjoyed for the lot of us who couldn’t be there! xo

  3. Danielle says:

    Totally jealous! Wish I was there!

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