Be Passionate and Spirited with Merida #DreamBigPrincess

Princess Merida is a very spirited Scottish Princess from Disney Pixar’s film, Brave. Princess Merida is not like all the other princesses and no matter what her mother tries to do to teach her to be a perfect princess, she just wants to be herself. She is most passionate and skilled archer and is most comfortable and herself with a bow and arrow. I love that Merida isn’t a girly girl princess and won’t let her mother’s idea of what she wants her to be get in the way of what she wants. I love that Merida is passionate, spirited and most of all brave!

“Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it” – Merida

The Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Merida doll is stunning. With her bright red curly hair, and blue eyes she is very true to the movie. Like the other dolls in this collection her dress is ombre teal with yellow and gold shimmery details. The belt and shoes are both removable.


The Disney Princess Merida’s Magical Story Skirt is a lot of fun! Included is a water wand that when filled with water and brushed against the white of Merida’s skirt reveals a picture of Merida with her bow and arrow. Once dry, the image disappears and the fun can continue making the magic happen! Princess Peach loved the magic skirt! She was totally engaged with wetting it over and over again.


The Disney Princess Little Kingdom dolls have been a huge hit with Princess Peach. Merida’s Playful Adventures set includes one brother bear, a plate of treats and her bow and arrow! I was so pleased to see this doll include her bow and arrow so Princess Peach could roll play Merida’s favourite activity- archery. The brother bear comes with a plate of treats that he is able to balance in his hands. As always, there are three snap-ins which can be interchanged with other dolls snap-ins. As always, there are very small pieces included with toy, so be mindful of small children and animals.

 Disney Merida Little Kingdom doll

When was a time you were brave like Merida?


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