A weenie man

This entry is not about penises. Sorry. But the title refers to a children’s song! Listen below:

Princess Peach and i listen to lots of music. Sometimes kids music or sometimes “regular” music on the radio. I often try to make her listen to musicals but she doesn’t seem to be a fan (yet). It doesn’t make a difference what we are listening to but we are always sure to have a dance party!

While walking through the isles at Wal-Mart (I must have been aimlessly wondering) I ended up in the electronics section. You know that squared off section that looks good but a lot of the stuff inside isn’t. I found myself in the kids music section and after looking at Disney CD’s, The Wiggles (thank goodness they are retiring so Princess Peach will not be obsessed with them) and some other random music CD’s I spotted two DOUBLE Cd’s each for $5. So I figure good deal. Each CD works out to be $2.50. There were a few options to choose from and after stressing about which one to buy I purchased the silly songs for kids CD.

We have 6 kids CD’s in our car CD player so chances are you aren’t going to hear the same CD twice for a while. I’m sure I must have heard this CD a few times but then one day while really paying attention to what was in the background I heard “I know a weenie man, he owns a weenie stand”. So I listened to the song. I was confused. Who wrote this song? How is this a kids song? Would I ever want Princess Peach singing it? NO. Why would anyone ever put this on a kids CD?! I then tried to pay attention to the other songs on the Cd. Some were normal kids songs that you know and a handful of them were weird songs like The weenie man song.

So most moms would take this out of the rotation right? WRONG. I left it in because The Hubster needed to hear it. He like me agrees that the songs are horrible. HORRIBLE.

Maybe I don’t want Princess Peach singing Nicki Minaj at 1-year-old but I sure don’t want her singing The weenie man!

Here are two more songs on the CD that make no sense.


How do people come up with these songs?!

What songs drive you insane???

I think I am done with random bargain Cd’s from Wal-Mart for a while 🙂



  1. Lindy says:

    I need these songs for my car! They are hilarious. Not to mention Little Man S is dancing to Weenie man 😉

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