Why I’m excited for my son to play t-ball

A few months ago, Little Dude and I had the following conversation:

Me: Hey, do you want to play t-ball?

Little Dude: Ya!

Me: You want to play?

Little Dude: Ya. But I don’t know how to play

Me: That’s ok buddy. You will learn.

And off I went to sign him up for spring t-ball through True North Sports Camp. Located in midtown Toronto, True North Sports Camp runs sports summer camps and clinics for kids ages 4-14. Princess Peach did t-ball last year and it was an amazing experience. You can read about it here.

When I asked Little Dude if he wanted to play t-ball I expected him to say “No”. He is an active kid and enjoys sports, but hasn’t particularly shown a great passion for sports. I know, I know he’s young and he may be more passionate about it later but now, he’s happy to learn to play the game.

True North Sports Camp

I’m sure at this point I’m more excited for Little Dude to play t-ball. And this is why:

  1. This will be Little Dude’s first team-like experience. It will be so nice for him to be a part of a team with teammates and look forward to seeing them weekly
  2. It will also be his first experience with coaches who will be telling the kids what to do. The parents get to sit on the sidelines and cheer!
  3. He will learn to catch and throw properly! Little Dude has yet to show a dominant hand for throwing and throws with both hands. I’m hoping we can get it figured out in the next few weeks which hand he should be throwing with and which hand he should be catching with
  4. He will hopefully learn to throw not using his glove. When Little Dude and I play catch he insists to throw the ball to me from inside his glove. No matter how many times I tell him or show him, he doesn’t want to listen and he does it his way. Hoping this will change!
  5. I’m hoping he will figure out to hit the ball off the tee versus using the bat as a golf club or weapon!
  6. I’m hoping that he will understand when to run to the bases and hopefully in the right direction!
  7. I’m excited for him to be excited about baseball! Hopefully he will be more like me and focus on the game rather than his dad who is easily distracted in the field!
  8. I’m excited for him to be continuing to learn to love and play the game. My paternal grandfather played and coached baseball, my dad plays and coaches baseball, I played baseball and now he will hopefully be 4th generation of baseball players!


I can’t wait to report back after the session ends and update all of you on Little Dude’s t-ball experience! I know he’s going to learn a lot and I can’t wait to watch the cuteness. There really isn’t anything cuter than a bunch of little kids playing t-ball!



Thanks to my friends at True North Sports Camp they are offering a discount just for my readers! Use the code- Junior15 to receive 15% off of a week of Junior Baseball camp.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own




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    I hope he has a super time!

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