Will he ever have a name?

photo credit: www.sheknows.com

photo credit: www.sheknows.com

I’ve shared before that I love baby names. It’s no surprise that it took the full 9 months to come up with the perfect name for Princess Peach. We scoured blogs, websites, books and even apps to find the BEST name. I shouldn’t even say “we” because it was more “ME” scouring, searching, and researching and checking-in with The Hubster for his opinion. I wanted to make sure that we I exhausted every single name before settling on hers. Her first name is a unisex name  that isn’t unheard of but isn’t popular like Jordyn or Madison. Her middle name is very girly and quite popular. Then she has two Hebrew names (one is actually Yiddish) that are very girly and in my opinion very pretty.

The Hubster came home a few months ago to say that he a coworker of his at his new job as a daughter with an awesome name. What was it? Well, he couldn’t remember. He said he would find out and let me know on Monday. So Monday morning I get a text that says “Clarke”. Hmm….for a girl? I don’t know that I would even use it as a name for a boy. Then I thought about it. Where do you draw the line at unisex names? Or even using surnames as first names? Or  names at all?

Now that we know we are having a boy, names are impossible to come up with! We didn’t have many ideas for a boy’s name the first time around, so surprise, surprise that we are having a very difficult time coming up with boy names yet again. I’ve been on blogs, baby naming websites, checked out some books and our list is pretty much non-existent. The Hubster thinks the name will just “come to us”. I don’t think choosing a name happens like that so I’m banking on me finding the name or maybe rather the name find me while I’m doing my research.

So these are our criteria:

-the name has to be unique-ish meaning not every kid has this name and is somewhat recognizable when said. We aren’t looking for any crazy spellings but we prefer it to be not the regular Matthew, Joseph, David type name.

-have a nice meaning. The meaning of the name isn’t extremely important but I don’t know if I could name my child a name with the meaning “misery” or “bitter”.

-sound nice with Princess Peach’s name. Sorry peeps, but if you dont’ know us personally, this will be a little difficult.

-could be a unisex name as long as it’s a little more masculine sounding

So, I’m asking you, my dear readers what names can you give us? What are your kids names, students names, nieces and nephews names?

All ideas are appreciated!!!




  1. Lindsey A says:

    What about Dylan? It’s unisex, not unheard of but also not too popular and is a throwback to a serious & important part of our childhood.

  2. I did a post awhile back of most popular baby names. http://mylifeinthenutthouse.blogspot.com/2013/02/10popular-baby-names-from-50s-2010.html
    I know you said not that common but maybe the older ones can help you some.

    Also here are some names of men and children I know:

    Adian (said how its spelled Like a-d-ian)

    Hope to have helped

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