Where is my laundry fairy at and my first vlog

Today I did my first short vlog. I figured instead of a whole post I would try it out. Clearly, my hair is in a crazy state of messy and I’m not wearing nice clothes or makeup, so I apologize for that! But making a quick vlog was fun 🙂

I look forward to doing more and sharing more via my YouTube channel. I”ve embedded the post below! Enjoy


  1. Renee, I’m not crazy about laundry either! My best tip: teach your kids to do their own laundry as soon as they are able! Mine all did their own from middle school on. And when they do that, they don’t automatically throw something in the laundry basket after wearing it once.

    They like doing their own because they don’t have to wait for me to clean their favorite shirt (which might take an eternity 🙂 ) If I recall right they really got rolling on ding this chore themselves when I had book deadlines and couldn’t wash things when they wanted them. But then I was surprised at how quickly they learned to do it independently and it became a habit for them.

    And older kids help teach younger ones. It makes for more smaller loads, but they can do them whenever they want. I’m grateful my husband even does his own stinky workout clothes, just to be sweet to me.

    He also buys those no-iron shirts for work,more expensive but SO worth it! Before that (and some still) he took to the dry cleaners, not to be dry cleaned but just laundered/pressed for a buck or two. He considers it a gift of time to me, and it is!

    When my kids were little, to make the chore more fun, when the family was watching TV I would dry loads, then run in and yell “Warm Laundry Alert!” I’d sprinkle clothes warm from the dryer on them. They loved it! They helped fold, too and put away their own clothes — even in elementary school.

    Oh, and I NEVER iron! If a load from the dryer is super wrinkled, I will re-wet and re-dry the clothes, then try to catch them the minute they are dry ! Yeah, a waste of water/electricity, but saves my sanity.

    Also the bane of my existence when my kids were small were all those socks! I finally designated one laundry baskets just for guy socks, son & hubby sorted & matched their own.

    I can’t figure out why you have so many loads every day. How many kids do you have and what ages? Or does your hubby have work clothes that need washing often?

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