Vicks to the rescue! Plus a giveaway #pgmom

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This winter and now heading into spring, everyone in my household has been taking turns getting sick. We’ve had viruses, fevers, the  flu, you name it! It’s the worst when you are sick and finally start to feel better when BAM…..someone else in your household comes down with a sickness. I have used Vicks products since I was a kid. I remember when I would have a sore throat, my parents would buy me Vicks lozenges to help  me get some relief. Now that I have my own family, we continue to use  Vicks products. Whether it’s my husband and I using DayQuil and NyQuil to help us feel better or putting Vicks VapoRub on my little ones to help with congestion, Vicks comes to the rescue when we are sick!


I have to share a little tip. When Princess Peach had her first cold as a baby, someone suggested that I rub a bit of Vicks on the bottom of her soles and cover her feet with socks or a sleeper. I have to tell you that this tip has been a lifesaver! I use it all the time for my kids and myself. I know it may sound a little silly but trust me, it works!


Here are some great tips from Vicks to help get you when you are sick!

Know the signs: Not many people realize they’re most contagious in the first 24 hours of symptoms. If you’re experiencing two or more of these symptoms, do your best to stay at home and enjoy some Netflix!

  1. Cough or Sore Throat
  2. Runny Nose
  3. Headache or Body Aches
  4. Chills / Fatigue


Avoid work germs: Be wary of sinks, office kitchen tools, and especially doorknobs. Keep some antibacterial gel at your desk and make sure you wash your hands frequently.

Take more “You Time”:  Saying no to stress can keep your immune system strong, make sure you get plenty of rest and sleep, not just when you’re sick.

Double up on pillows: Place a pillow on your mattress to raise the upper body from the waist up. This allows for blood flow away from your head and will reduce the inflammation of your air passage. It’s also a great method of reducing body aches.

Sweat it out: Steam and humidity will help drain sinuses and relieve your stuffiness. You don’t necessarily have to sit in a sauna or steam room, a hot shower has the exact same effect. (Helpful tip: put your towel or bathrobe in the dryer so you don’t feel chilled when you get out)

“Tea, please”: Drinking herbal teas like chamomile, mint of passionflower can help you relax while also helping fluids into your system.

Treat all your symptoms simultaneously: Look for a medication that can treat the toughest symptoms while also helping you rest. DayQuil COMPLETE and NyQuil COMPLETE provide all in one relief for your toughest cold and flu symptoms so you can start seizing the rest of your day, and get the rest you so desperately need at night.

More information can be found at or

Win It!!!

One lucky Canadian (excluding Quebec) reader will win a Vicks Giveaway valued at $75. The prize includes a $50 Shopppers Drug Mart gift card and an Anthropologie mug.

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  1. michelle matta says:

    I have upwards of 3 baths a day when I’m sick. I love the steam.

  2. angela eagle says:

    I drink alot of green tea when im sick

  3. israel y says:

    tea and some nice quiet rest helps me when i am sick

  4. jaimeem says:

    I love taking baths and showers when Im sick. I also lay on the bed and binge watch netflix

  5. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I drink tea and lots of water when i am sick. I also make sure i get plenty of rest

  6. Wendy hutton says:

    I will drink orange juice and take vitamin C & D to feel better faster and rest

  7. Amie says:

    I love soaking in the tub with epson salts ! Feels so nice when the body is sore

  8. Julie F says:

    I drink lots of tea and take vitamin C

  9. kathy downey says:

    One thing i do when im sick to help me feel better is drink hot lemon and rest

  10. Alayne Langford says:

    I up my intake of Vitamin C, get plenty of rest, use a humidifier, and I am also a user of Nyquil and Vicks Vaporub!

  11. Lana Hood says:

    I stay in my pj’s all day and rest, drink plenty of fluids.

  12. elaing8 says:

    I like to takr hot baths when I’m sick to help me feel better.

  13. Kellie DeMarsh says:

    love a hot bath my pjs under a warm blanket and drink hot lemon and rub my chest withvick

  14. Lindsay O says:

    I stay in bed and watch movies when I’m sick.

  15. I drink vitamin water and I rest up.

  16. Jennpup says:

    If it is sunny out, I’ve headed to the local Butterfly Conservatory for a mini tropical vacation. I sit on a bench, feel the sun and breathe the humidity! Or I take a Vick’s steamy bath. 🙂 I always put Vick’s on the kids feet (then socks) at bedtime when they are stuffed up! Vick’s to the rescue!!

  17. Lushka Smith says:

    I like to drink tea with honey.

  18. Brenda Penton says:

    I like to go outside. I find the fresh air helps clear up my sinuses and perks me up.

  19. I make sure to drink lot of fluids!

  20. I like to take a warm bath and have a nice hot cup of tea.

  21. I get a lot of rest & have chicken soup!

  22. Nicole Jubleew says:

    I drink hot lemon and honey and snuggle under the blanket while watching my favourite movies.

  23. Erika Letson says:

    I try to get as much rest as I can. I find that sleep is the best medicine!

  24. Bailey Dexter says:

    I drink a lot of Ginger tea made from fresh ginger and rest as much as I can

  25. Gillian Morgan says:

    I like to sleep all day and watch netflix.

  26. Lots of rest

  27. Maria says:

    Vitamins, chicken soup, Vicks to help me breathe & Sleep

  28. joy says:

    lots of rest, cold drinks, watching my favourite shows

  29. prairiebelle says:

    I try to get plenty of sleep. Rest as much as I can

  30. Pam says:

    I wear my onesie pajamas.

  31. jessica s says:

    I have a hot bath

  32. Monique L.S. says:

    I drink lots of tea and try to get a good amount of sleep.

  33. Julie Z says:

    I always have DayQuil and Nyquil on hand for when I’m sick – they work amazingly well! I also get into my most comfy clothes, bring my blanket and pillow from bed, and cuddle with with my cat and Netflix! And then I ask hubby to bring me some chili because that’s my sickie food!

  34. LISA BOLDUC says:

    Before kids in used to binge watch TV to make me feel better. With kids I try to sleep when they r napping

  35. kristen visser says:

    When I am sick, I have my grandmas chicken noodle soup, get lots of rest, drink plenty of water and put vicks on my chest

  36. Tainan Lu says:

    I drink lots of water when i am sick.

  37. Debbie Laval says:

    I stay in bed, watch daytime tv, load up on tea, juice, water and Vicks!

  38. I drink gingerale and use vicks vaporub

  39. edmontonjb says:

    I get as much sleep as possible and it always helps me feel better.


  40. I eat homemade chicken noodle soup to feel better.

  41. Silvia D says:

    I make a chicken soup with lots of garlic in it! Also a hot lemon drink with honey is good.

  42. Elizabeth R says:

    I go for the chicken soup remedy, usually from a can.

  43. A hot bath and some essence oil in the tub

  44. Ann Kieswetter says:

    Lots of rest, soup, tea with lemon, honey& ginger, Vicks Vapor.

  45. Erin W says:

    I read a good trashy book, it always make me feel better!

  46. Lucy says:

    Hot soup and tea!

  47. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I like to use a vaporizer in my bedroom to make me feel better.

  48. Sunshine G says:

    I have lots of showers with mentholated shower gel.

  49. hsibley says:

    I get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids.

  50. Lots and lots of fluids

  51. Florence C says:

    I like to stay in, rest and drink lots of chicken soup.

  52. Krista M says:

    I made a nice hot toddie with lemon, honey, whiskey!

  53. I make some hot tea and watch all my favourite netflix shows.

  54. Julie bolduc says:

    Rest and lots of vitamins

  55. Glogirl says:

    When I am sick I like to get as much rest as possible.

  56. Shane Smith says:

    When I am under the weather I try to rest and to double up on vitamin C

  57. Erika E says:

    I drink hot tea with lemon and it makes me feel better.

  58. Holly OGorman says:

    I catch up on my favorite shows 🙂

  59. Tracy D says:

    Snuggling with the dog. 🙂

  60. Tina L. says:

    drink some warm tea

  61. marie s says:

    vicks for my nose, tyenol cold and flu and really hot drinks

  62. hmrcarlson says:

    I try to rest, get lots of fluids and use saline spray and Vick’s VapoRub.

  63. Nicole says:

    We eat soup, drink tea & try to get sleep.

  64. Yuen C says:

    I drink as much fluids as I can

  65. Donna D says:

    Vicks VapoRub on my chest.

  66. I make Ginger Lemon Tea with raw honey on the stove as ginger is anti-inflammatory, lemon & honey kills germs & soothes the throat. I warm the lemons on the stove not in the microwave as it denatures the taste and increases the toxicity of the food according to Healing with whole foods : Asian traditions and modern nutrition by Paul Pitchford. Warm lemons ensures the most juice is squeezed out.

  67. I curl up in a ball on the couch and have a nap.

  68. Brad Kinchen says:

    Hot toddies work great.

  69. Jessica M walker says:

    Lots of fluids and rest

  70. Sorry if there are multiple comments but I am not seeing them show up on my end. A hot bath always makes me feel better.

  71. Tara Betterley says:

    Lots of fluids and rest.. I give chicken noodle soup too!

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