‘Twas the night before my mastectomy

my so-called mommy life breast cancer mastectomy

‘Twas the night before my mastectomy and panic set in,
I’d have to say goodbye to my breasts the cancer can’t win.

What do you say to your two lumps on your chest?
I never thought I’d be in this position. No one could have guessed.

They have a long history these two friends of mine,
So tonight I honour them, to say thanks and I know I will be just fine.

It’s a little bit funny because as I mourn,
My beautiful breasts are trying to kill me. My chest will be forlorn.

What would my breasts say if they had a chance to talk?
The stories they would tell would be funny and emotional and maybe some would shock.

Attached to my body and blooming since ten,
They’ve worn Elitas, bras and stuffed into clothes again and again.

My ladies could be counted on for good cleavage in a dress or a shirt,
It was a great conversation piece during my single days when I was a flirt.

They have been squished, touched, fondled and pierced to name just a few,
They have wiggled and  jiggled, been nippy and drooped too.

They’ve been sized up against others during skinny dipping at camp,
They’ve been flashed to street workers in NYC who were beside by a street lamp.

They are the first sign of my pregnancies with both of my offspring,
But most of all they have been a pillow which they both cuddle and cling.

They couldn’t get their act together to feed Princess Peach the first time around,
I didn’t make enough milk and she didn’t latch well it was found.

Little Dude latched right after birth to the huge melons on my chest,
I fed him for thirteen months no bottle he would take as he really loved my breasts.

My boobs will be cut off and replaced by scars,
But the 24 years together won’t be forgotten as that history is ours.

So as I say goodbye and bid them adieu,
Cross your fingers, say prayers and keep me in your thoughts to get me through.

Now I will get use to a flat chest as my new normal,
It’ll take time for me to get to use my reflection as it will be abnormal.

Goodbye my dear ladies, breasts, boobs, tits, and my girls as I refer to you,
I will miss you dearly, but I choose life and this is what I must do.


  1. Darlene S. says:

    *hugs* I can’t even imagine. It’s got to be tough. Go easy on yourself I would imagine you’re in for a different kind of roller coaster ride <3 *hugs*

  2. Tracey says:

    I just laughed out loud and cried, then repeat. I completely love and admire your vulnerability, humour and courage. We are sending our love and strength. xo

  3. Michelle says:

    Renee you are amazing. Embracing this moment with such courage, and wit. We love you.

  4. Karen says:

    Very touching (and not in ‘feeling up’ way). Only one ‘girl’ matters and that’s you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Best of luck. Xo

  5. Hugs I cant imagine. I am praying and thinking of you daily

  6. Such a perfect send off. But you are right, cancer will NOT win! Thinking of you my friend. Xoxo

  7. Alyssa says:

    *hugs* You’re going through something so many of us just can’t imagine. Sending prayers and strength as you conquer this! Xo

  8. Marissa says:

    Will keep you in my thoughts. Best wishes and speedy recovery

  9. Laura says:

    I love you.
    Amazing poem my love!!!

  10. Sandy, says:

    I’m not sure how I would approach this, but I love the way you are. You are an inspiration to many I’m certain. Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you a hug!

  11. mom2michael says:

    Love you lady!! Will be thinking about you tomorrow and keeping you in my prayers tonight. You got this!!!

  12. Sending you much love and hugs as well as strength to help you through. Wishing you a fast recovery xoxo

    • Jane Hobbs nee McGuire says:

      What an amazing lady you are! An inspiration! I did the same as your friends. Laughed and cried. I was in Raslatt the same time as Sammy. Love and best wishes to you and your family. x

  13. My family is thinking of you and your family today. I’m sorry that you need a mastectomy in order to fight this rotten cancer, however, you are fortunate to have options. Just looking for the silver lining…

  14. aimee says:

    Thinking of you today! You’re so strong and courageous.

  15. Ira says:

    Good Luck! I wish you a fast recovery and a long and happy life!

  16. Rachel says:

    Amazing poem. Very open, honest and witty. I admire your strength. Just remember that when you don’t feel strong that your friends and family will help to lift you up. Looking forward to your recovery and seeing you next time we are in town. xoxo Rachel

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