True North Sports Camp Baseball Clinic Review

A few months ago, I wrote about Princess Peach attending True North Sports Camp Baseball Clinic. When I signed her up I had no idea anyone else knew about the program I was just so thrilled that she was going to learn to play baseball with other kids her age. Then when I started talking to other parents, I quickly learned that so many people we knew had signed up their kids as well. I was really excited that Princess Peach would know some familiar faces including my nephew!

True North Sports Camp Baseball Clinic

On the way to the first clinic I was pumped. Way more than Princess Peach. She exclaimed in the car “I’m not a baseball player. I’m a dancer”. So you can image that I was more than a little nervous about how the first session would go. When we arrived, there was tons of staff everywhere greeting the children and parents. Immediately Princess Peach was told what team she was on and received a shirt. Then while everyone else was arriving we played catch.

Over my last 5 years as a parent, I have tons my share of sports programs and I can only imagine I have a lot more to come in the future. But, for a program with kids ages 4 and 5, the first day ran incredibly smoothly. The program was extremely well staffed and the staff knew exactly what they were doing. I was most impressed that there was a handful of female staff. Usually these sports programs tend to be male dominated so I loved that there were some girl coaches to inspire the girls learning the game.

 True North Sports Camp Baseball Clinic

Every week, the clinics work the same. When the kids arrive, they can pick up a ball and play catch with a coach or their parent. It seemed to keep the kids busy while everyone was arriving. After that, they ran a large warm-up stretching session. It was an awesome way to get the kids warmed up and excited! Some parents and siblings would be part of the group too and I thought it was great that they were welcome on the field to warm-up because you know how it is, you have a little kid chasing after your big kid wanting to do what they are doing. Afterwards, the kids would be split up into their teams with their coaches. Each week different skills were of focus and they had the kids doing a variety of exercises around learning that one skill. The kids were never sitting very long waiting their turn and they were kept busy and engaged which is always important to me as a mom. At the end of each clinic, the kids got to play a “game”. This was by far my favourite part. It was insanely cute with a group of kids on the same team running after the ball and then not being sure what to do with it. But it was a great way for them to learn the game and it’s rules .

True North Sports Camp Baseball Clinic

 Overall, I was extremely impressed with this program. Not only were the staff extremely attentive, kind, and encouraging, but there was communication throughout the entire program via email from the staff which was amazing. In addition to me being happy with the program itself, Princess Peach loved going every week and at the end was always excited to go back!

I know we will be back next spring/summer and I look forward to getting Little Dude out on the field too!

To learn more about True North Sports Camp you can visit their website, connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


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