The Tooth Fairy made her first visit!

We’ve been having a pretty fun filled summer. It’s crazy to think that today starts week 7 of summer vacations and we still have a few weeks left! 12 days ago, we had a highlight of our summer when Princess Peach lost her first ever tooth! Here’s what happened:

About 3 weeks ago at breakfast, after biting into a peach, Princess Peach exclaimed that her front tooth was loose. I didn’t believe her at first. I thought she was a little too young to be losing a tooth as she’s not even 5 yet. But there I was sticking my finger into her mouth to confirm that she  did indeed have a wiggly tooth.

My first instinct was to wiggle the crap out of it and pull it out by the end of the day. But Princess Peach wasn’t so into it. She wanted to wiggly it slowly- little by little until it would fall out on its own. She became obsessed with me cutting all of her fruit and veggies for her as she didn’t want it to fall out while eating. I may have scared her a bit when I told her that if you swallow your tooth it’ll come out in your poop.

 So began her finger in her mouth ALL the time which is pretty disgusting. But she insisted on wiggling it all the time and that she did.


Then 12 days ago my mom, Princess Peach and I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Lawren Harris exhibit. Princess Peach was totally engaged and into the art at the exhibit. She brought along a note-book and was sketching her favourite paintings. But between each sketch, she was wigglying her tooth. A lot. She let me peek into her mouth to check it out, but I was convinced she would be wigglying it for a few days more. Just as we exit the exhibit, Princess Peach stops and exclaims “my tooth fell out”. I stopped right where I was and I couldn’t believe it! Thankfully there wasn’t much bleeding and I wrapped her tooth up in paper towel to be brought home for the tooth fairy. 

I remember when I was a kid and lost my tooth I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. I placed the letter on my carpet before I went to the bed and when I woke up in the morning, there in its place was a letter on construction paper just for me. I remember her handwriting was a little wavy. But I believed in the magic and this woman who I would never see. The Tooth Fairy. I have believed in the magic of the tooth fairy since forever, really. Being Jewish we don’t believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny so this was something that I could believe in. And now here I am passing that belief onto my kids who like me, are eating it up. 

Tooth fairy letter

Princess Peach and I came home and placed her tooth in a little box with a pillow that she decorated. We then sat down and wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. Princess Peach even drew the Tooth Fairy a picture on her letter. And just before bed she made sure the letter and box were placed perfectly under one of her pillows. And then she went to sleep. 

In the morning when she woke up she was so happy to find a $5 bill in the box where her tooth was and a letter from the Tooth Fairy. She was thrilled to see that the Tooth Fairy took the time to write her a letter and was so proud that the Tooth Fairy noticed how white and shiny it was.

tooth fairy letter My So-Called Mommy Life

You can print and use the tooth fairy letter here.

I loved watching Princess Peach eat up the magic of the Tooth Fairy. I love her excitement and belief in the magic surrounding this milestone. I hope the magic of the Tooth Fairy is something she always believes in and never finds her baby teeth hidden away in my drawer!

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? How much does she give for each tooth?



  1. mom2michael says:

    Such an exciting time! And she looks so sweet with that gap in her smile 🙂
    The Tooth Fairy left $5 for Boo’s first tooth as well. It was $2 each after that, except for the one he lost at Disney – she gave him $2 USD + a couple of Disney trading pins for that one.

    • mscmommylife says:

      Losing a tooth really changes their face! It is such an exciting time 🙂 How cool to lose a tooth at Disney! Love that they Tooth Fairy gave him something to remember it by with the trading pins!

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