Toddler Pampering with Kandoo Bubble Bath

I don’t know about you, but I’m a soak-in-the-bath kind of girl. I’m not the type to throw rose petals in the bath or light candles around me either but I just love a relaxing hot, bubble bath. I find the water soothing and I always enjoy the quiet (well anytime, its quiet is just AWESOME!)

Princess Peach loves her baths too. I’ve tried to give her a shower but something about it freaks her out. I haven’t pinpointed what the issue is there, but I guess that’s for another day! Last week after a very busy and dirty day playing outside, I felt it was time to introduce my little girl to the wonderful world of bubble baths!  She loves bubbles so I was pretty confident that she would LOVE a bubble bath. Funny enough, she HATES having her nails cut, so I told her we were pretending we were at a spa. We would get a bubble bath to relax followed by a “manicure” after. She ate it right up! Who wouldn’t?

Kandoo Bubble Bath Kids

Kandoo Bubble Bath is a great choice for kids. It’s hypoallergenic, contains natural moisturizers and is sulfate-free. I poured some of Kandoo Bubble Bath into our bath and magic happened! I know it sounds silly but she was in love. The bubbles quickly filled the bathtub and they stayed. None of this disappearing pour-the-whole bottle kind of bubbles. Pour a little bit in and voila! They stayed frothy the entire time she was in the bath! She had the best time covering her face in the bubbles pretending to have a beard like Santa, or a mustache!

 Kandoo Kids Bubble Bath

I tried to show her how to lay down in the bath and relax, but I think I have to work on that another day! I know that Kandoo Bubble Bath was a hit because since her bubble bath last week she keeps asking for one every night!

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Do your kids love bubble baths?

Disclosure: I am a Kandoo ambassador. I received product for purposes on this review. As always, the opinions are my own.


  1. Suzie M says:

    I have to get this for my granddaughters when they come over

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