The only cat that is cute

I hate cats. I hate the way they look, the way they act, their claws, the way they just sneak up behind you. Just yuck. But there is one cat that I do like and her name is Hello Kitty. I’m not sure why this is the only cat I like but this is the only cat that Princess Peach is allowed to wear. I’m a little obsessed with baby girl clothing. Princess Peach at all times needs to be well dressed/coordinated. For some reason clothing companies love cats. Those damn things are on EVERYTHING! Why would I put my daughter in a dress with a little cat on it? I don’t get it. Cats on babies are not cute! But Hello Kitty on a baby is something else. Babies in Hello Kitty are adorable! She is quite available these days in all sizes. Here are some of my favourite pint-sized Hello Kitty finds….

On Monday I found a Hello Kitty raincoat at Old Navy. Not only is it cute but it was a steal! Originally $40 I got it for $10!

Once Princess Peach starts to walk she will be getting these cute Keds! You can find them at Browns in Yorkdale or Peek-a-Boo on St.Clair

Get Outside Shoes carries  very cute Hello Kitty Vans


H & M always is a no fail store for everything Hello Kitty. Look at this cute outfit for your little babe to sport for summer 2012!

Sears Canada also has a large selection of everything Hello Kitty. How cute is this swimsuit. Perfect and stylish for the summer!

Hope these Hello Kitty items help spruce up your little gals outfit! If its gonna be a cat it best be the one and only Hello Kitty!


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