The Lion King Cozy Coo Sway Seat- review

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Running after a toddler and running a household means that I need my arms. I often wish that I was bestowed octopus arms, but sadly I wasn’t. Baby boy loves to be held and sometimes I’m able to hold him for long periods of time, but usually I can’t. Trying to juggle a house, a toddler, a baby, laundry, cooking and everything in between is hard work! Sure, I wear him sometimes in a baby carrier but when I’m cooking and cleaning I won’t wear him due to safety reasons.

When my daughter was born I was very lucky that I was lent many baby items such as a very simple swing, a bouncy chair and a very tech savvy swing. I tried so many times for her to love the tech savvy swing but she didn’t like it. She actually hated it. She would tolerate the bouncy chair but loved the simple swing.

Fast forward two years later. Baby Boy arrives and I have the simple swing and the tech savvy swing at home waiting for him. Part of me wanted him to love the tech savvy swing, especially because Princess Peach hadn’t. So I put him in it. He cried. I tried again. He cried some more. Then I tried the simple swing and he cried. I took him out and tried another day and he cried again. And again, and again. It was hard to catch a break!

Then I was sent the Disney Baby Lion King Cozy Coo Sway Seat Premier. This seat is from a range of Disney Baby Lion King collection of products. I hoped more than anything that Baby Boy would love it. I needed some respite from holding him and rocking him to sleep. I needed to be able to put him down and have him calm so I can do what I need to do around the house.


Ever since The Lion King hit theatres when I was in junior high I have been somewhat obsessed. I love the songs, the story, and the majority of the characters. The musical production is one of my favourites and was a magical experience. When I was a counselor at camp, my unit put on the play and I painted and built the sets. I even had a little Rafiki doll that I had as my “good luck charm” during junior high and high school. I love that this seat has Lion King characters on it!

Building the sway seat was a cinch. The directions were clear and easy to follow. I got so excited just touching the plush seat fabric. It is so padded and lush, how could Baby Boy not love it.

The seat has the options of running on batteries or plugged in. I put the seat at the end of my dining room as it gives me the option of having Baby Boy close to the kitchen—within earshot, but not too close.

The first time I put Baby Boy into the sway seat he looked so comfortable. The seat is very plush and instantly enveloped him. I have to admit, that I was a tad jealous watching him lie there. I want a seat like this for me! Then I turned it on. The sway is fantastic. It really mimics how he is swayed when he is being held in our arms. The side to side motion is so soothing.  Like the other seats that I put him in I was nervous that he would cry and freak out. I anticipated that he would.

What exactly do I love about this seat that makes it better than the others that I have? Well, as I’ve mentioned before I am in love with the fabric. The other seats just have a very simple minimally padded fabric, yes, even the expensive tech savvy swing. This fabric is so soft and inviting as I mentioned above.  The seat also adjusts into three positions so as Baby Boy grows bigger and gets better neck and truck support I can sit him up more.  The seat also vibrates. The other swings that I have are single feature swings and this is definitely a nice added bonus!

So it’s comfortable, cute, but the main question here is….did it work? As you can see he fell asleep shortly after being put in the seat!!! Words cannot describe my happiness…..oh and his too.

griff in swing

Here are two quick videos that include my favourite features of the swing. Watch them below.

So what’s my verdict? Well, proof is in the pudding as they say or in this regard proof is in the seat. Every time Baby Boy goes in it he is happy. So for me this seat is a winner! Not only is baby comfortable, but I have my arms and hands available to do whatever I need to do around the house!

So all you parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, if you are looking to buy one baby seat, this might just be the one for you! The Disney Baby Lion King Cozy Coo Sway Seat Premier is available at Babies R Us for $159.99.

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  1. What a beautiful swing! Such a lovely design and looks so comfy and also stimulating at the same time. I will keep it in mind for my friends who are having babies in the next year.

  2. What a great looking swing. That motion works so well for many babies and the stimulation when they are awake is perfect too!

  3. juliasuppa says:

    You gotta have a good swing!! That one looks amazing!! And so comfy!

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