I survived a 10 day cleanse

Last Monday, I took a huge leap and decided to part-take in a 10 day cleanse. I know what you are thinking. A combination of “she’s crazy” and “I could never do that!” These thoughts went through my head too! But it’s not the type of cleanse you are probably thinking I took part in. At no times was I only drinking liquid, only eating fruit or starving. I took part in a “Cleanse for Life” program through a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto named Jodi Larry.

To start off, Jodi has an introductory meeting. She gives each participant a booklet with all of the information you will need for the cleanse. It includes the foods that you can and can’t eat, the effects of eating certains foods on your body and some delicious recipes. There is a lot of science behind the cleanse too which Jodi breaks down into layman’s terms. The crux of the cleanse is that you cut out all caffeine, all sugar, all red meat, all dairy, all wheat and gluten. All other foods should be organic or at least locally sourced foods. It sounds like a lot. I too was overwhelmed at first thinking that this would be impossible. But I’m on the other side, and today is day 11 and I have yet to break it.

On the weekend after the introductory meeting, Jodi hosts an optional shop at a Natural Foods store in Toronto. According to her their prices are the best in the city and she walks you through the store to help you to get everything you will need for the cleanse. I loved attending this shop. Even though I didn’t buy everything there, it was still good to know and see her suggested brands and items.

And then on Monday, I started the cleanse. Jodi suggests starting each morning with a tall glass of water with half a lemon and a dot of cayenne pepper. I couldn’t imagine replacing my coffee with this, but I have to say I love it! It’s the best way to start the day and this is something that I plan on continuing. The first few days are rough, but there are three things that helped a lot. Being organized with my meals and snacks. The night before I planned out each of my meals and snacks so at no time was I ever hungry. Jodi also emails all the participants daily. I loved them and found them very helpful. Not only did the emails include an inspirational quote and something to focus on for that day, but it highlighted a specific food that we should be eating, the health benefits of it and two recipes! Lastly, when I could usually have an afternoon coffee, I found that juicing helped a lot to ward off a potential headache from caffeine withdrawal.

At all times, Jodi is available via email to answer any questions or concerns you may have about food. Trust me, I emailed her a picture of the ingredient list on a balsamic vinegar bottle to ask if it was cleanse friendly as I was unsure.


My favourite breakfast- a chocolate peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl

My favourite breakfast- a chocolate peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl

There was another meeting 3 days after the cleanse started and on the last day of the cleanse. After the cleanse ends, Jodi beleives in an 80-20 balance. 80% of the time you are continuing to eat healthy and 20% of your meals you are indulging and treating yourself. When she broke it down for me, that means 4 meals of the 21 I eat in a week, are not cleanse friendly.

 Today, is the 11th day. Technically the cleanse ended yesterday, but I’m still doing it! Why? Because I feel great. Not only have a lost weight, but I feel lighter, don’t feel bloated after I eat, and I have more energy.

Home chai iced tea replaced drinking Diet Coke

Homemade iced chai tea replaced drinking Diet Coke

I had thought of breaking the cleanse with a greasy burger. I still plan on doing that, just not sure when.

If you are thinking you need a change in the ways you are eating, get in touch with Jodi. You won’t regret it!

Be sure to check out her website here or connect with her on Facebook.






  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve wanted to do Jodi’s cleanse for so long. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Brandy says:

    Wow! I have thought about changing my eating habits for a long while now but am not sure I would be able to handle it. But locally sourced or organic food are sometimes hard to come by up here. Did your family follow your meal changes? My family would definitely resist.

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