Star Touch App for your iPad by the Toronto Star at The BabyTime Show

I remember when I had Princess Peach being awake in the middle of the night either feeding her or trying to soothe her. When I was pregnant with Little Dude, I worried about what I would be doing awake in the middle of the night. As much as I love television and binge watching shows, there are only so many shows I can handle at a time. So I would peruse online newspapers. Being from a family who are news obsessed I come by it easily. I too, always like to know what is going on at all times. I had my routine of reading The Toronto Star online, then an American newspaper and then finally a local new station. I would do this routine a few times a day while feeding Little Dude and felt that I never missed out. As great as this routine was it was very monotonous and somewhat boring.


Recently, The Toronto Star has launched the Star Touch App for your iPad. This is a free app that makes the news an interactive experience for the reader.  If you have an iPad, I highly suggest you download it. Delivered free everyday to your iPad by 5:30 am, the Star Touch App brings a whole new way to news and storytelling. Readers can expect to find the journalism and stories they have always found from The Toronto Star but presented in a fun and entertaining way. The app is loaded with beautiful pictures, videos, audio clips and more that take presenting the news to a new level. It is amazing to start reading a story and within that have all of the information at your finger tips without having to go search for it on your own. For example, in today’s edition in the Home section there is an article on making a leaf wreath out of old books. There is a photo gallery that walks you through the process from gathering your supplies, to the finished product! This is an awesome way to showing how easy DIY projects are before you even get started! Even the advertising is interactive! Pending on the ad you are able to tap, swipe or play sponsored content! I tend to skip over ads in newspapers,  but I’ve been loving how interactive they are and forget that they are ads all together!

star touch app ipad

The Star Touch App also features live up-to-date news too. There is a button in the upper right hand side of the screen. You can even customize the order in how the live news is presented.


Unlike most online newspapers, you are able to access, back issues on Star Touch with ease and at no extra cost. Choose the issue you want, download it to the app an within a few seconds you are good to go!


If you enjoy doing crosswords, they are in the newspaper daily and are completely interactive! Want your horoscope, it has those too!


Tomorrow I will be at The BabyTime Show in Toronto from 10 am to 1pm  at booth #654  with the Star Touch App team! If you are going to the show, please come and stop by. I will be giving demonstrations of the app to show you all of it’s very cool features!

If you have an iPad you can easily download the app for free from

These are the things I love about the Star Touch app on the iPad. What is your favourite feature?


  1. Sad I won’t be coming tomorrow, as I would love to see you!

    • mscmommylife says:

      Sorry we didn’t get to see each other, Amanda. Hope you had a great time at the show and got to check out the new Star Touch app!

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