Sensitive skin laundry care giveaway #PGmom

I have very sensitive skin. So sensitive so that I tend to break out in rashes when something forgein comes in contact with my skin. When I was in high school, I broke out into a mysterious itchy rash all over my torso and legs. It was horrible. I was at the doctors trying a variety of different creams, lotions and potions. Nothing was working and this mysterious rash wasn’t going away. I was scratching so hard in my sleep that the doctor suggested I sleep with gloves or socks on! After a few long annoyingly itchy months we finally pinpointed the problem! My mom had bought a new brand of detergent that wasn’t TIDE and my body was allergic to it.  So naturally, we switched back to Tide free and gentle and I have been hooked ever since! Why mess with a good thing, right?

So how can you ensure that your and your families skin, sensitive or not, is well cared for? P & G has put together an awesome package (ARV $25) that one Canadian will be able to win!

Sensitive Fabric Care Giveaway Image

1. Wash: Tide Free & Gentle Liquid Detergent has been specially designed for sensitive skin. It’s made with no dyes or perfumes and is dermatologist tested to provide your fabrics with a great clean that’s gentle on your skin.

2. Soften: Experience all the softness of Downy, free from dyes, perfumes, and worries. Ultra Downy Free & Sensitive Liquid Softener is the leading “free” fabric softener that’s also 100 per cent dermatologist tested so you can focus on enjoying fabrics that are wonderfully soft with less static and fewer wrinkles.

3. Protect: Use Bounce Free & Sensitive Dryer Sheets and enjoy the softness and static protection of regular dryer sheets without perfumes or dyes. It’s like sensitive skin’s BFF.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    My son and I both have sensitive skin

  2. ToCo says:


  3. Sarah says:

    No one except the newest addition Emmy. She gets rashes all the time.

  4. shari says:

    me and my daughter

  5. Rachel says:

    My son. He’s only 6 months 🙁

  6. This happens with my daughter too! I have to use plain Tide for her and if I switch she gets a rash. I love Tide too because it smells so great!

  7. angela m says:

    My youngest daughter sometimes has sensitive skin .

  8. Jen P says:

    myself and my baby do! we love tide free!

  9. Susannah says:

    I have really sensitive skin, especially on my hands. Doing laundry (which I do a lot of) aggravates this. I’ll try these products and see if they help! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Tricia Cooper says:

    That would be me. 🙁

  11. Josh S says:

    My daughter

  12. Chi says:

    My sister does. Been a problem since she was a kid.

  13. i have the sensitive skin

  14. Glogirl says:

    No one really has sensitive skin in my household but I would love to try these products as they would be gentle.

  15. Belinda Skuta says:

    I have sensitive skin. It wasn’t as sensitive when I was a teenager but it seems that as I get older it gets more fickle.

  16. F. Scott says:

    C’est moi avec le sensitive skin.

  17. both my kids do thanks for the contest 🙂 sharing with our fans on SCCC

  18. Claudette Lariviere says:

    I am the person in our house with sensitive skin…

  19. Darwin says:

    I have sensitive skin. It’s worse during the winter and in really hot weather.

  20. Charmaine T says:

    Both my children and I

  21. Theresa Michalik says:

    Only myself has sensitive skin

  22. linda d says:

    My grandchildren have sensitive skin.

  23. Tara Crawford says:

    my son and i both have sensitive skin

  24. Sydney D says:

    Everybody, lol!

  25. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I have very sensitive skin.

  26. My husband and my youngest son

  27. Tammy Dalley says:

    I have sensitive skin!

  28. I do!!

  29. I have sensitive skin, so do my kids – would love to try these products!

  30. Jennifer Matyas says:

    Me too!

  31. Florence C says:

    My husband has sensitive skin

  32. My boyfriend is the one with the sensitive skin

  33. Wanda Tracey says:

    My husband and I have to try different products out to see if we can use them or we will break out with red rash spots on our skin.I like products that keep sensitive skin in mind.Thanks

  34. sarah stickney says:

    my son

  35. Carolle Hall says:

    Both me and my husband

  36. Jen W says:

    i do. 🙁

  37. Lisa Marie Anctil says:

    My boyfriend and I both do! 😀

  38. elizabeth malcolm says:

    My daughter skin is so sensitive it cracks and bleeds we have medicine for her and are not allowed to use anything with dye or perfumes including shampoos

  39. Amy Heffernan says:

    My 14 year old does. Has since he was a baby. 🙁

  40. Angela Mitchell says:

    I have sensitive skin.

  41. I have sensitive skin.

  42. Darlene Schuller says:

    My 15 year old daughter & I both have sensitive skin.

  43. I would love to win this.

  44. susan kirby says:

    i have sensitive skin very dry

  45. Deanna says:

    My children

  46. CIndy Nickerson says:

    my son,

  47. Georgina Anderson says:

    I have sensitive skin and have to be careful with all products that touch me or I tend to get a rash. These products would be perfect for me

  48. Teresa Meister Glover says:

    I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. also am VERY scent sensitive. LOVE, love love the tide, downy & bounce scent-free product line.

  49. Stacey L says:

    I’m the only one in my household that has sensitive skin.

  50. Emily B says:

    My two year old has sensitive skin

  51. Lori R says:

    my dad suffers from laundry products. He gets very itchy and then scratches, end up with very irritated skin

  52. Jana L. says:

    My sibling and dad

  53. sara rai says:

    my mom does.

  54. Bree says:

    My boys have very sensitive skin

  55. blessedta says:

    Thankfully nobody in my family.

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