Scaredy Cat

This is NOT about a cat. I’m actually the scaredy cat. I hate to stay alone at night. It didn’t matter if I was alone in our apartment in an apartment building because to me I was still alone. Now that we are in a house I will not stay alone. It’s sooooo scary! The house makes sounds that freak me out.

We arrived home late this afternoon from a great time at the cottage. When we arrived home we went to open the windows around the house. First we opened the kitchen window, then our bedroom window as well as Princess Peach’s bedroom window. When we got to the dining room and went to open the window the screens were cut. CUT OUT. GONE. MISSING.


The glass on the inside of the windows were still intact but OMG this was scary. So The Hubster (being so brave) went searching around the house to make sure no one was hiding. Yes, I have watched way too many crime shows and crime movies so in my imagination someone was waiting under the stairs in the storage room waiting to hit us with a bat. haha. None of that happened. But I was and still am freaked out.

I then called the non-emergency police line. As this isn’t an imminent emergency it takes a while for them to come but the officer finally showed up. He was H.O.T and SOOOOO nice. Why are cops always so hot? It must be a prerequisite or something.  He took a report and we went to check the outside windows. He was so lovely and then checked all of the rooms in the house advising us about things we should do, purchase or keep the same. The police should have a safety program for new homeowners where cops walk through the house with a fresh set of eyes making you aware of what are potential risks and hazards. So if any police officers are reading this, I think this program would be amazingly successful. You’re welcome 🙂

Anyways, now we have LOTS of research to do about getting an alarm and making changes to our windows. It’s a pain but we are thankful that nothing was taken and that we are all safe.

Have you ever had an attempted break-in or an actal break-in?


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