Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Princess Peach loves jarred fruit and veggie baby food. Before I send them to the recycle bin in our garage I always rinse them out. Today after I rinsed them out I realized that instead of recycling them I can reuse them and put them to good use in and around our house! It’s a great way to teach your children about repurposing items as well as having fun with them! Here are some fun ideas to reuse your baby food jars!

1. Make a snowglobe:

Wash and dry the baby food jar. Choose a small plastic figurine (be creative and use your childs favourites!) and hot glue it to the lid. Fill the jar (almost to the top) with cold water. If you use warm water it will be cloudy.  Add a few drops of glycerin or clear corn syrup to the jar. This helps to snow “fall” slowly. Add 1/2 teaspoon of glitter, sparkles, sequins or even broken up eggshells to be your “snow”. You can add more “snow” if needed. Put the lid on and then hot glue around to seal it so your child can’t open it. If you have an older child doing this craft they can decorate the top and side of the lid. Shake and enjoy!!!

2. Make a herb garden:

Baby food jars are also awesome for little herb gardens. Let your toddler/child fill different baby food jars with soil and a variety of herb seeds. Make sure to label the jars with the type of herb planted. Watch them grow into a cute mini herb garden.

3. Use them as paint containers

Baby food jars also make great paint containers. You can buy the larger paint bottles at Walmart and you can proportion the paint into the different jars. This way your child has a specific amount of paint to use for a certain project and it will ensure that there isn’t a huge mess to clean up!

4. Organize your spices

If you have a lot of large spice containers or loose spices in bags what a great way to organize them using your baby food jars! Make sure to wash and clean them very well. Pour in the spices and label the jar!

5. Use the lids to make a matching game

Collect twelve lids.  Trace the lid onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out and glue the cardstock to the inside of the lid. You can print a 6 pairs of matching pictures of things that your child enjoys such as cars, animals, and favourite family members or use 6 pairs of stickers and glue/stick them to the cardstock on the inside of the lid. Don’t forget to cover the outside of the lid with different paper. Make sure they are all covered in the same colour and/or pattern. Mix up the lids and play the matching game!

The possibilities with baby food jars are endless. There are so many more projects out there to do! i hope you will try some of them and keep me posted!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!


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