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Up until last year, I would never step foot into a mall after the middle of November. The fear of not finding parking, not finding the items I want, pushy people and just the sheer volume of people all trying to get their holiday shopping done scares me! Last year while on my second maternity leave, I discovered the RBC Avion Holiday boutique at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Let me tell you! I frequented that boutique up to the very last day it was open. It was a space to decompress from the mall craziness and a quiet space to feed and give my baby some time out of his stroller. Being an RBC Avion card holder, sure has some amazing benefits. All you have to do is show your Avion card to access to these complimentary services:


Last week, I attended the media preview event at The RBC Avion Holiday Boutique at Yorkdale. I tried to take advantage of many of the services that are available so I started with valet parking. Pulling my car right up to valet parking at Holt Renfew was great. No need to circle the parking lots or garages during this busy time stressing about where to park. It was so lovely. I dropped my car and keys off and ventured inside to find the Avion Holiday Boutique.


Not far from Holt Renfew’s valet parking and across from Pottery Barn, it is easily found! The outside is so beautiful, bright and festive. Just show your RBC Avion card and you are good to go inside!

Inside, you are greeted with a grand piano with a pianist playing classical music. Then the boutique is yours to discover.

#avionvip My So-Called Mommy Life

I love that there is a Cafe. Having two young kids, I live on coffee and not having to wait in a long line up is so appreciated. You can choose from coffee, tea, specialty drinks and a hot cocoa bar!

#avionvip My So-Called Mommy Life

Take a load off and relax in the boutique in these super comfortable club chairs. There are many chairs to come and relax. I know for me with having young kids it’s always nice to be able to sit, and relax away from the crowds. I know my kids appreciate it too!


There is a bookshelf with magazines, children’s books and a sign to let you know that you can watch a movie on an iPad while in the boutique.I thought this was such a nice touch. If your family is like mine with children and a husband who have a limited shopping attention span let them take a break by watching a movie on an iPad, or reading a story. Or better yet, leave them there so you can shop, alone!



After you are done your shopping, take advantage of the complimentary gift wrapping services. They do a beautiful job wrapping and those gifts are sure to grab everyone’s attention during the holiday! I come from a long line of put-a-gift-in-a-bag-with-tissue-paper gifters so I love that the RBC Avion Holiday boutique offers this service.


 What you need to know!

You can enjoy the Avion Holiday Boutique at the following malls:

At Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Square One Mall in the Greater Toronto Area from November 22, 2014-December 31, 2014.

At The Halifax Shopping Centre in Halifax from December 1- 24, 2014


at the Coquitlam Centre in Coquitlam from November 22, 2014- December 31, 2014.

Not an Avion card holder? No worries. Learn how to become one!

No matter who you are shopping with and/or for this holiday season, the RBC Avion Holiday boutique is here to take your shopping experience to the next level! With so many fabulous complimentary services, you are sure to be addicted to it quickly. If Yorkdale is your mall of choice (as it is mine), who knows, maybe we’ll meet each other sipping on coffee or relaxing after some retail therapy. My kids will probably be reading stories and my husband watching a movie on the iPad! If you do see us, be sure to say hello! Happy shopping!

“Disclosure: I am part of the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


  1. hmrcarlson says:

    How nice! I am an RBC Avion cardholder but I don’t live near those malls, darn it!

  2. Movies on the iPad…that’s a nice touch I missed!

  3. Judy Cowan says:

    Nice! Definitely a perk if you are an RBC Avion cardholder and near one of those malls.

  4. loucheryl says:

    What a nice perk! Sweet!

  5. loriag says:

    Wow, what amazing services. I would love to try them out.

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